13 Reasons Why You Should (Not) Visit Portugal

Portugal is a destination that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists around the world, but why? There are many factors that make Portugal (not) a priority on your travel list.

Portugal is a destination that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists around the world, but why? There are many factors that make Portugal (not) a priority on your travel list.

With this in mind we decided to draw up a definitive list showing all the reasons why you shouldn’t be in any hurry to get to know Portugal.

1. Hospitality

Vai fazer tantas amizades que pode ser até difícil de se lembrar dos nomes de todos
You’ll make so many friends that it can be hard to remember everyone’s names

The Portuguese are very friendly and are famous for their great hospitality. At first this may seem like a positive thing, but as time goes by it turns out to be annoying to add so many people to your social networks and it can be difficult to manage your time going out with different friends.

2. The Portuguese Cuisine

O bacalhau está presente em tudo, parece que não conhecem outro fruto do mar
Cod is present in everything, it seems they don’t know other fish

The Portuguese cuisine presents an immense variety of meats, fish, soups and desserts. Each region presents its specific dishes and this becomes a real mess when it comes to choosing what to eat. It’s so much variety, and so much flavor and tradition. Mealtime is sacred, and no one leaves the dinner table without a full stomach. For the undecided tourists this is a real nightmare.

3. The Portuguese Wines

Portugal é o lar de diversas marcas de vinho, tantas opções que chegam a causar confusão
Portugal is home to several brands of wine, so many options that even cause confusion

Just like the cuisine, Portuguese wines have a huge variety of types and flavours. It is simply impossible to know all the options that the country offers so the moment to choose which wine to taste can be another headache. Red wines, white wines, rosé wines, green wines, Port wines, Moscatel wines, Madeira wines… The list goes on and on.

4. The Beaches Of Portugal

A água é muito fria e o sol muito quente, os extremos se encontram
The water is very cold and the sun is very hot, the extremes meet

The beaches of Portugal, specifically the Algarve, have nothing special. While some are always full of tourists, there are others that are desert, without a person in sight. The difference between sun and water temperatures is also a factor that causes some estrangement, after all who wants to spend the summer under the sun?

5. Preserved Nature

Grande parte do país ainda possui a natureza intacta, parece que estamos constantemente no passado
Much of the country still has intact nature, it seems that we are constantly in the past

The Portuguese nature still occupies a large part of the territory. From north to south it is transformed according to each region, but it still has nothing interesting, after all who likes to live in harmony with the environment, isn’t it?

6. Friendly Prices

Lembre-se que a moeda oficial do país é o euro
Remember that the official currency of the country is the euro

Prices in Portugal are extremely affordable compared to the rest of Europe. Everything is so cheap that when you return home you will always feel uncomfortable paying more than you paid in Portugal.

7. Beautiful Landscapes

Um país que acaba por se tornar entediante devido à tantos belos visuais
A country that turns out to be boring because of so many beautiful looks

Throughout the country we can find several picturesque landscapes, something so constant that it becomes tiring. All places are so beautiful that all the other places you have known before can end up losing their charm.

8. Hot Tourism

Prepare-se para turistas, turistas e principalmente muitos turistas
Prepare for meeting lots of people from different places

The country is gaining a growing reputation as a great destination and this makes the number of travelers increasing. If you don’t want to appear in several photos and videos, share your experience and get to know people from other cultures, avoid Portugal to the maximum, because almost all places here are full of travelers and explorers.

9. Lifestyle

Os famosos jantares portugueses, uma tradição que mistura muita bebida e barulhos
The famous Portuguese dinners, a tradition that mixes lots of drinking and noises

The Portuguese lifestyle is definitely unique. They are people who like to be always together with those they consider their friends and family. From afternoons in the café to nights in bars, for them the simple is enough. If you are used to tranquillity and routine forget it, Portugal is the land to vibrate and live emotions.

10. Security

A segurança está presente na vida de todos
Safety is present in everyone’s life

Portugal is at the top of the world’s safest countries ranking. As much as it is a place of many celebrations and high energies, peace is definitely one of the country’s highlights. Imagine living in a place where you don’t have to worry about your safety, it’s boring, isn’t it?

11. History In The Air

Tudo no país é histórico, até mesmo as calçadas
Everything in the country is historical, even the sidewalks)

A country full of history and tradition, from its classic sidewalks to its monument and buildings. Moving around Portugal conveys the feeling that we are in a museum all the time.

12. The Portuguese Islands

Os Açores e a Madeira são as ilhas portuguesas que sempre disputam quais são as regiões mais belas
The Azores and Madeira are the Portuguese archipelagos that always dispute which are the most beautiful regions

As if the beauties of its continental part were no longer enough, the country has beautiful islands to squander the natural beauties. While some countries have such small territories, Portugal boasts its beauty beyond the oceans. In other words, they want to make people waste more time planning several trips and have to choose between several options.

13. The Wish To Return

Por mais que viaje e explore, sempre irá sentir saudade das terras lusas
No matter how much you travel and explore, you will always miss the Lusitanian lands

The worst factor of all is the desire for return that Portugal leaves in all those who visit the country, for this reason several people from the most varied places in the world are moving to Portugal. You simply cannot overcome and the amount of visits will never be enough to fulfill the desire for return.

Portugal will definitely always be marked in your memory and with a special corner in your heart.


We hope you have understood the true intent of this list, Portugal is an incomparable place and if you are planning to make a visit even after all these factors, please contact Experitour to ensure your experience will be unique.

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Post written by Gustavo Costa.

Hello, I'm Gustavo Costa. I'm from Rio de Janeiro and I've been living in the Algarve for 2 years, where I study communication. Passionate about music, traveling and going out with my friends. Always willing to go through new experiences!

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