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About Buddha Eden Garden Bombarral

The Buddha Garden Eden Garden is a space of about 35 hectares, designed and designed by Comendador José Berardo, in response to the destruction of the Bamyan Giant Buddhas, in what was one of the greatest acts of cultural barbarism, erasing from the memory masterpieces, late period of the Art of Gandhara. In 2001, deeply shocked by the attitude of the Taliban Government, which intentionally destroyed unique monuments of World Heritage, Commander Berardo began, one more, of his dreams, the construction of this extensive oriental garden. In a certain way, it pays tribute to the colossal Buddhas carved in the rock of the Bamyan valley in central Afghanistan and who for centuries have been cultural and spiritual references. It is intended that the Buddha Eden Garden be a place of reconciliation. Without any religious tendency, we open doors to all people regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, sex, age, cultural or social condition, inviting marriage, communication and meditation as a way to rediscover happiness. We aim, therefore, to go the opposite way to the destruction of the human being and to spread the culture of peace.

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