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Have you ever been to Cabo de Santa Maria?

Cape of St. Mary is the southernmost point of mainland Portugal, in the municipality of Faro. It is a point in the smooth curve of a long sandy beach in the Island of Barreta, which has also the name of Island of Cabo de Santa Maria.

What People Are Saying

"Low tide seems to be best for bird activity. Lovely tour through the marshes and time for a quick dip at Ilha Deserta and Ilha Farol. Francisco was an entertaining tour guide."
"Cesar is The best captain! We had great time ! Thank You ❤️"
"Informative and friendly guide. Lovely small group. Very comfortable. Perfect stop over times on 2 islands. Excellent value."
"It was amazing, the boat driver and tour guide was really welcoming, really nice, he made sure we were all comfortable. The speed of the experience was good, everything ran smoothly. I would definitely recommend this service."
"Very nice and funny guide who was willing to answer all the questions, coming from guests. Great landscape but for us it was a little bit too short - we would book the longer trip, actually. Deserta is very nice but there is not that much to do plus you only stay there for 20-30 minutes, so you actually don't have the time to do much there. The stay in Farol was about an hour and you can do loads of things there in summer: swimming, having a drink in of the dozens of bars, etc. Great recommendations!"
"The guide was incredible. Boat was nice. Price was good. Highly recommended."

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