Church of São Roque

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The Igreja de São Roque is a Roman Catholic church in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the earliest Jesuit church in the Portuguese world, and one of the first Jesuit churches anywhere.

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"Visite très agréable au sein de la ville permettant de comprendre les rouages politiques économiques du Portugal au cours de l'histoire. Guide très sympathique agréable et maîtrisant le sujet. Je recommande "
"Gostaria de recomendar imensamente o passeio guiado sobre a história da escravidão no Imperio Português, que pude realizar com o excelente guia senhor Rui. O passeio permite conhecer a história da escravidão juntamente com a história política de Portugal. Ouvir essa parte da história ao longo de uma caminhada pelas ruas de Lisboa, visitando locais em que ocorreu, nos faz pensar e conhecer a história de uma forma diferente."
"Very interesting tour! Rui has a great knowledge about the subject and about Lisbonn and portuguese history in general. You really feel the passion when you talk with him and he is a very pleasant person. If you want to know more about this (hidden) side of history, in which portuguese had a very imortant role, and wich is in general summarized in "Portuguese great Explorations", don't hesitate and book this tour. You will enjoy! Thiandella."

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