Piódão Village

Piódão: A magical village in central Portugal. Considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Country and classified as “Historical Village of Portugal”.

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Have you ever been to Piódão Village?

Piódão is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in the Country, classified as “Historical Village of Portugal”.
Piódão is situated in the Centre of the Country, in the winding slope of the gorgeous Açor Mountain.

Its typical houses built in Schist and Slate, with wooden windows painted in deep blue, are dispersed down the mountain, forming an amphitheatre, and its often named as a “Crib Village”.

The surrounding nature is almost in pure state, and it is possible to observe the many fauna and flora species present in the region.

Piódão village was probably developed after a previous Hill Fort named “Casal de Piodam”, nowadays in ruins, that knew how to better take advantage of the soil and the geography of the place.
Already on the 20th century, this rural communitarian lifestyle that lasted for many centuries suffers a great change due to the strong emigration that happened at that time, loosing Piódão much of its workforce.
Nowadays, Piódão is reborn with Tourism, that has been able to preserve the authenticity of the ancient village.

Piódão’s architectonic set is the greatest attribute of this charming small village, that also presents a lovely 17th century Mother Church or the interesting Museum that preserves the ethnography of this region.

Piódão offers nowadays a good Tourist offer, with accommodation, restaurants and some shops with the traditional products of the region, like handicraft, liquors, honey, bread and other Gastronomic delicious typical products.

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"We took this tour and we are happy with the choice. The guide was very kind and the day was relaxed and informative. Monsanto and Piódão are really unique places!"
"It is worth a visit, in the middle of the mountains, this little typical village is such a wonderful place to go, don't miss it!"

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