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Located in the original entrance site of the Muslim fortress of Almançor (10th century and still preserved inside the walls vestiges of the defensive towers), was built from 1634 and results from the initiative of the then Rector of the University, D. Álvaro da Costa (1633-1637). It is the first major work of the University after the acquisition of the Royal Palace to King Philip I in 1597, and by it fully funded. Designed by António Tavares, we can see the main figures of his institution, the Kings D. Dinis and D. João III topped by the figure of Sapiência, the insignia of the University of Coimbra. In each of its symmetrical portals we also find representations of the old faculties - Medicine and Laws Abroad, Theology and Canons in the Interior. All sculptural groups are authored by Manuel de Sousa. Porta Férrea is one of the most important places of academic life that has developed around the University.

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