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Have you ever been to Stiniva Cove?

The beautiful beach of Stiniva is one of the must-see places in the island of Vis, Dalmatia. The Croatian beach was voted the European beach of 2016. The view is breathtaking, both for those who arrive by the road - and see from above a huge cave framed by the blue Adriatic sea - as for those who come by boat and see immense cliffs, with a very narrow entrance giving access to the beach.

As you swim through the Stiniva gates you find yourself inside the shallow bay with transparent sea on which end stands a beautiful pebble beach. But what strikes the most is that the entire bay is  surrounded by massive lime stone walls. There are speculations that Stiniva Cove was actually a cave long time ago but the ceiling of the cave collapse forming what is now Stiniva Cove.

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