Kathedrale Notre Dame

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Notre-Dame de Paris bedeutet "Our Lady of Paris", auch bekannt als Notre-Dame-Kathedrale oder einfach Notre-Dame. Sie ist eine mittelalterliche katholische Kathedrale auf der Île de la Cité im vierten Arrondissement von Paris eines der schönsten Beispiele der französischen Gotik, und es zählt zu den größten und bekanntesten Kirchengebäuden der katholischen Kirche in Frankreich und in der Welt.

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"Great tour with good information. Gets you through the sites efficiently (no lines). Also sets you up for easy entry into Norte Dame."
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Sally
"Our fantastic guide Carine gave us an amazing day. Her knowledge about Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame was first class. The architecture in both buildings was incredible. The design of Sainte Chapelle to maximise the stained glass window space was imaginative. We spent so much extra time at Notre Dame that the free time after the tour disappeared. I recommend this tour."
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Allan
"We had a wonderful tour with Cecilia. She was thoughtful, funny, patient, and informative, and made special efforts to include our daughters (ages 13 & 10) and ensure they understood whatever she was describing. The tour really enriched or experience. Thank you for a wonderful day in Paris!"
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Jason
"Thanks Bastian for the great experience! It’s a cool way to discover the city in a short period of time. The service was top."
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Nicole
"Obviously skipping the lines to these amazing sites felt pretty awesome, but I was surprised by how much more interesting I found them in light of the historical details told to us by our tour guide, particularly regarding the doorways of Notre Dame... significantly increased my appreciation of this historical site!"
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Louis
"Very happy we did today’s tour with Dana and BF tours. Was exactly what we hoped for and super informative. Dana is fantastic. We even found the scary elephant. Notre Dame Cathedral and St Chapelle."
Sainte-Chapelle + Notre-Dame Rezensiert von: Jeff

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