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About Salgados Lagoon

Salgados lagoon. Lying on the site of the old Pera marsh, the Salgados Lagoon has become one of the most visited birdwatching sites in the Algarve. The best time for visiting this site is in the evening, due to more favourable light conditions. The distribution of birds at this location varies greatly depending on water levels in the lagoon, so it is. In the open waters of the lagoon there are usually Coot and Little Grebe, while the surrounding patches of sedge are used as shelter by Moorhens.

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"Um passeio lindo e recomendo o vosso parceiro muito muito bom"
"wir waren bei unserem 2. Segway- Erlebnis sehr begeistert. Der Guide war sehr infomativ und vor allem freundllich."

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