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2-stündige geführte Kajaktour zur Benagil-Höhle Vom Centeanes-Strand in Carvoeiro

Der beste Weg, um in der Höhle von Benagil zu bleiben. Dies ist die beste Kajaktour, die Sie in unserer Region unternehmen können! Besuchen Sie die schönen Höhlen zwischen Vale Centeanes Strand und Benagil mit einem lokalen Führer und landen Sie in der berühmten Höhle, um Fotos zu machen und zu schwimmen.

Möchten Sie die schönsten Meereshöhlen an der Algarveküste einschließlich der Benagil Höhle betreten? Dies ist unser dynamischster und aufregendster Vorschlag.

Besuchen Sie die Höhlen in einem Zweisitzer Kajak, immer in Begleitung eines lokalen Führers für Ihre Sicherheit und Informationen. Wir werden für ca. 90 Minuten Kajak fahren, mit der Möglichkeit, in paradiesischen Stränden anzuhalten und auszusteigen.

Die Höhle von Benagil ist eine der begehrtesten Orte von Touristen an der Algarve und Sie können sie stilvoll in der Gesellschaft von Familie oder Freunden besuchen. Wir werden in der Benagil-Höhle landen und dort eine entspannte Zeit verbringen, schwimmen, sonnenbaden und tolle Fotos machen. Danach machen Sie sich bereit, zum Centeanes Strand zurückzukehren.

Dies ist eine Einweg-Kajakfahrt, bei der die Rückfahrt zu einem Motorboot geschleppt wird, um Ermüdung zu vermeiden. Wir haben luftdichte Boxen, in denen Sie kleinere Gegenstände verstauen können, und die größeren können Sie sicher auf unserem Boot verfolgen.

- Was wirst du tun?

- 1H30 bis 2H Vergnügen und Spaß mit leichten körperlichen Übungen, mit Tipps von einem lokalen Führer
- Sehen Sie einige beeindruckende Felsformationen und Meereshöhlen, einschließlich der ikonischen Algar von Benagil
- Machen Sie Halt in der berühmten Benagil-Höhle, schwimmen Sie, nehmen Sie ein Sonnenbad und machen Sie tolle Fotos

- Was ist enthalten?

- Doppel-Kajaks und Paddel
- Schwimmweste
- Haftpflichtversicherung
- Stoppen Sie in der Höhle von Benagil, um zu schwimmen und am Strand der Höhle spazieren zu gehen

- Was ist nicht enthalten?

- Wasser
- Alle anderen Gegenstände, die hier nicht aufgeführt sind


Will I go inside the Benagil caves?
Yes! Kayaking is one of the few possible ways to go and stay inside the cave for a while.
Can I take my personal belongings?
Yes. Each kayak has a waterproof compartment around 20x15 cm for you to keep your belonging safe and dry.
Are the kayaks double?
Yes. All our kayaks are double.
Is it safe?
It is very safe! The tour will just go on if the ocean conditions are perfect for this activity.

59 reviews

  1. Lovely day for sea kayaking

    We had such a good time on the kayak tour! The guides were fantastic and we saw beautiful caves, beaches and coastlines! It is great value for money, and is well worth a visit.

  2. Amazing tour!

    This tour was the highlight of our trip, really recommend it! My sister and I really wanted to visit the Benagil cave from inside, and we got some amazing photos in there! Kayaking was a bit hard for me but the guide was very attentive and helped a lot. Couldn’t recommend it enough!! Thank you 🙂

  3. Great kayak experience!

    One of the things we will always remember from our holidays to Portugal!
    Great staff and a unique experience to discover the beautiful coastline of the Algarves.

  4. Ótimo passeio de caiaque, recomendo!

    Muito bom o passeio! Os guias foram divertidos e visitamos outras grutas além da do Benagil. A praia dentro do Benagil estava vazia, toda hora entravam e saíam barcos, mas nós éramos os únicos lá. Foi inesquecível, a paisagem e o clima, tudo perfeito!

  5. Fantastic experience

    A fabulous time had by all. The trip was well organised and the guide was very helpful throughout particularly when we fell out of the kayak! It is advisable to wear swimwear for the time at the beach within the cave. Also, keep phones in the waterproof container as kayaks can turn upside down. We saw wonderful sights and had the time to appreciate them.

  6. Amazing experience!

    I highly recommend this tour. My husband and I went with our 12 and 8 year old, sharing 2 kayaks and were able to complete the tour. We stopped inside 2 caves including the Benegil. Absolutely amazing! It is a long tour so you have to be used to activity and there isn’t much hand holding. The guides and rescue boat are close in case you do run into any problems. My husband’s boat toppled over with my 8 year old inside a cave but they were quickly to assist. My 8 year old still had a great time! On the way back we were pulled back which was a relief for my husband. Highly recommend!

  7. Amazing kayak tour from Centeanes

    We are a family of four who went kayaking from Centeanes, along the coast to Benagil caves and a beautiful coastline. The guides were great, and the tour amazing. The kayak was really stable. None of us had been kayaking before. I would do it again, and can recommend this to everyone. It is really worth it. 🙂

  8. Kayak tour - Benagil caves

    Simple to book. Met at designated point.
    Guide explained about kayaking – how to paddle basically. There is a guide that leads in kayak and another person in boat that informs to keep away from certain areas and there for safety.
    Excellent tour and good fun. Only downside was couldnt always hear what guide was saying about each area. But still good experience.

  9. The best way to see the Benagil cave and other gorgeous caves up close!

    The Benagil cave is a truly special experience, but there are so many other caves to explore as well and this tour takes you to all of them. Many of the larger boats can’t go into these small caves, so this Kayaking tour is perfect! It’s a very unique and mysterious experience. Don’t miss it!

  10. Great kayak tour of caves!

    This was great way to see the caves along the coast, culminating with the Benagil cave. I can’t imagine seeing the caves any other way.

  11. Not a kayaking tour, more of an escort to the cave

    Sadly very minimal information and guidance from the guide. Too many people in the tour to adequately control the group/direct etc. Ride back was very bumpy (perhaps due to conditions) but guides seemed to have little care/interest in taking care of the tour participants. Would be better off kayaking on own

  12. Genial ! Muy recomendable ! Las vistas merece la pena y hacerlo en kayak es mucho más bonito que en barco !

  13. Bonita experiencia para hacerla en pareja

    Si estás de paso por la costa en plan playero es una visita imprescindible. Físicamente es una experiencia un poco dura ya que cuando lo hicimos había bastante oleaje pero ver el interior de las cuevas compensa en parte el esfuerzo fisico que haces para llegar allí.

  14. Without a dout, this was a once in a life time experience

    My daughters were scared at the beginning, they never thought we were capable of paddling till the end. After that, they think we are capable of doing everything!!

  15. Excelente experiencia

    Tour por varias cuevas ( paraiso, diablo…) hasta la cueva de Benagil. El mar estaba tranquilo y el agua fresca. Tour muy bonito ya que entras en las cuevas para observarlas bien, y finalmemte te dejan 16 minutos en Benagil para hacerte fotos. Los guias muy agradables, hablan varios idiomas y son muy atentos con los barcos y lanchas que pasan a toda velocidad por tu lado.

  16. Kayak trip

    Nice experience . We could go inside some cave where the boots couldn’t enter . Amazing caves.
    The way back drag by a boot and due to the wave the kayaks slip over fine.
    All in one great trip

  17. *

    It was fantastic! I highly recommend it!

  18. Great experience!

    I think this is the best way to visit and enjoy the Benagil groutes. We took many pictures inside the caves and enjoyed a beautiful tour in kayak.
    I really recommend this experience. You won’t enter to Benagil caves booking other tours but you will do it with this one.

  19. Enjoyable few hours

    I would recommend going early or late


    More than I was expecting, the tour is super and the guide is very kind and patience, tha caves are amazing and the last one Benagil Cave is like getting in a dream.
    Don’t be afraid if you are tired going back after the last cave, they found a very funny and easy way 😉

  21. Experiencia 100% recomendable

    Es una experiencia que no te puedes perder si te gusta descubrir sitios únicos a los que no tendrías otra forma de acceder y visitar.

  22. Great experience

    My girlfriend and I went kayaking with this tour and we had great time. The lady at the beach was really knowledgeable and funny. The guide guys were great. I would totally recommend this tour

  23. great experience!

    Highly recommended, a must see in your Algarve’s trip

  24. Great experience

    We really enjoyed. A very good mix of fun by kayaking and coast visit from the see

  25. Do it!!

    Well worthwhile. Much better than a boat trip.

  26. Amazing Benagil Cave!

    Really enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to get inside Benagil cave with our kayaks.
    The way back was very fun as they pulled the kayaks with a motor boat and we enjoyed the view.
    We were 4 girls all beniggers and found it quite hard to paddle all the way till the end.
    Overall recommended!

  27. Nice trip

    Enjoyed the trip and had a lot of fun to visit the different Caves with the guide. Umcomplicated and nice Team. I can recomend the tour!

  28. Kayak tours through cave

    An amazing experience, it was just the right length and was well-paced. Especially enjoyed the fact that they bring you back by boat so you don’t have the row once you’ve actually gone through the caves once and see the main cave you just get a free ride back! Guides were friendly and helpful.

  29. feedback kayak trip to Benagil beach

    We should have begin by kayak to the Benagil cave and come back being towed by the boat because on the way back we had wind and waves against us…

    The guide didn’t took time before entering in each caves to wait for everybody and give information about the name and anecdotes of each cave.. it could have been more interesting

  30. Fun trip!

    My friends and I enjoyed the kayaking trip to Benagil. Lots of fun and cool sights to see.

  31. Fantastic

    Had one of the best experiences of my life so far kayaking through hidden caves along the coast of Portugal and would highly recommend anyone to do it. Me and my girlfriend had an unbelievable time and would definitely do it again! Also the staff are very friendly and helpful 🙂

  32. Reliable Tour Group

    We spent two full days being sent from beach to beach in search of a company that would rent us kayaks to visit the Benagil caves. All of the companies we were told to look for “didn’t show up that day”. We finally discovered experitour online and booked a kayak tour. They were extremely organized and the entire process was smooth! Thank you experitour!

  33. Great workout!

    This is a good workout for those who want to kayak for two hours, potentially in choppy surf! Many caves and beautiful pictures! And you get towed back so you’re not fighting the current. Highly recommend for sporty/athletic types. Two-person kayaks.

  34. Spettacolare!

    Il miglior tour dell’Algave! Organizzato benissimo e soprattutto molto molto bello! Le grotte Benagil sono stupende! Grazie ancora

  35. Altamente recomendable

    Una pasada de tour por las cuevas y la cueva de benagil, siempre acompañado de un guía excepcional disfrutando de un paseo kayak para el recuerdo.

  36. Kayak tour

    Would have liked back support in the kayak. long distance to Bengil Cave In rough waters but guides were helpful in launching the kayaks, getting them to shore and into the Benagil caves. I would not recommend it for beginners but very fun day. Watch out for the waves

  37. Benagil tour

    We had a wonderful time on the trip, explored a number of caves on the way to the Benagil cave which was beautiful. We kayaked for approximately 1 hour and 15 min to get to the Benagil cave at which time we rested. There was one guide in a kayak, and another who was close by in a motor boat. We were a fairly large group, and it would have been more reassuring to have had another guide towards the end of the group as well.

  38. Superbe !!

    Superbe ballade en kayak. La temperture etait parfaite et Miguel etait un guide sympathique. Nous sommes descendus a Benagil et nous avons pris plusieurs photos.
    Je recommande fortement ce tour, il vous permettra de faire de l’exercice et il y a deja une tonne de bateaux autour de Benagil, donc faites votre part pour preserver ce lieu magique !!

  39. Great time

    Nice staff. Ricardo is great. I really appreciate the tour.The best views of Algarve

  40. Amazing experience!

    Competent and friendly guides, astonishing scenery, and overall a great experience. Highly recommended!

  41. Superb Tour

    Great tour. Professional, safe and you get to see some great caves

  42. Memorable Portugal!

    This was one of our great memorable moments in Portugal along 14 fantastic days in last September. Preparing our vacation from our sweet home in Canada we decided to see the Benagil cave in kayak. My wife and I had some expectation and were not disappointed at all. Our guides were very sympathetic and doing great job to show us great spots while securing us from all the motorized boats visiting the area. We had very strong feeling of security. I strongly recommend this activity if you have minimum physical condition to let you ride Kayak for 90 minutes. We are 50+ in average condition and this was a little challenge but not a problem. Being towed by the boat for the way back is really appreciated. Thumbs up!

  43. Good

    Need to be quiet fit and not overweight to do this tour, the kayaks will sink if you are fat, took over three hours to get to the cave. And were towed back with all the kayaks in a row the ropes holding us together kept snapping and was quiet bumpy.

  44. Benagil Kayak Cave Tour

    Great Kayak tour,

    Tandem Kayaks with a good long and scenic coastal tour following a beach launch. The guides were informative pointing out local folklore and geological / paleological formations. Visited multiple caves, the water was fantastic, and the tour concluded with a tow back to the home beach. Very nice – Recommended and certainly a huge plus above the boat tours.

  45. Amazing Kayak Tour

    All in all, it was a fantastic Kayak Tour through the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve. We didnt know Algarve has so many great spots to explore!
    Thanks for showing us all the caves.

  46. Amazing

    This was the highlight of our week long adventure on the Algarve coast. There were 14 of us plus our guide and support boat so we felt safe and looked after the entire time. My family had three young teenagers on the tour and they had a ball. The round trip was about 3 hours and we had plenty of time to explore other caves along the way as well as take photos and swim in the Benagil Caves. It was also our first time kayaking but we got the hang of it quickly with the guide’s instructions and it was hard work but that’s part of the adventure. Would definitely do it again!

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