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Emilia-Romagna: Touren & Erlebnisse

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Emilia-Romagna ist eine Region in Norditalien, die sich von den Apenninen bis zum Po im Norden erstreckt. Es ist für seine mittelalterlichen Städte, reiche Gastronomie und Badeorte bekannt. Die Hauptstadt Bologna ist eine pulsierende Stadt mit einer Universität aus dem 11. Jahrhundert und Bogengängen, die die Straßen und Plätze des mittelalterlichen Stadtkerns säumen. Ravenna, in der Nähe der Adriaküste, ist berühmt für seine bunten byzantinischen Mosaiken.

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"We spent a lovely day with Lucy visiting a banana plantation, where we could ask all our questions about banana famring. Then we went to a center for agricultural development (fruit trees) where we saw many different kinds of fruit trees and learned about grafting methods. After that we visited a banana cooperative and saw how the bananas are delivered and packaged. Afterwards we headed to Henriques&Henriques for some wine tasting before going for lunch where we had traditional food from Madeira. To finish off the day we saw a farm with dairy and meat cattle. We really appreciated Lucy's vast knowledge about agriculture and Madeira in general. We had a great time and recommend the it to anyone who wants to do a tour that is a bit different from the other touristic tours. "
"We had a good time with Mario and Daniel, we saw some beautiful caves and enjoyed the trip. My kids were happy. :)"
"The tour was very entertaining. Rui took us to a lot of nice spots. We enjoyed some great views, tasted some lovely wines and got a lot of information about Madeira in general. The jeep with the open roof allows you to take in Madeira with all your senses. Would recommend this tour for everyone who loves nature and wine. "
"Have seen many dolphins, but please do not hunt them. Driving high speed on troubled water may challange your back ;-)"
Delfinbeobachtungstour In Sagres Rezensiert von: Thorsten
"The tour is a must for first-time visitors to Cordoba. My sister and I enjoyed the guide Susana. She answered all our questions diligently. She spoke slowly and clearly. She knew her history well. We appreciated that the group was small. "
"We had a great time with our guide. He showed us some really nice spots and gave us informative additional facts. We really enjoyed the day 😊"

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