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(English) Discover how to visit the most beautiful ocean grotto in Portugal

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Nowadays, the Benagil cave is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Algarve.
Literally thousands of people move to what is considered one of the most beautiful marine caves in Portugal.
Dug into the cliff next to Benagil beach and the village that gives it its name, this magnificent work of nature is an irresistible attraction.

When visiting the Algarve, it is almost mandatory to visit the cathedral of Benagil and take a good photo to upload on social networks.
The nature of the formation of the cliff made possible a real cathedral with a vault made of layers of different colors, with two entrances of sea water bathing an internal beach of golden sand.

Inside view of the Benagil cathedral

The opening that is at the top of the cave allows the entrance of a faint light that allows the obtaining photographies worthy of a cinematographic scene.

Due to its natural beauty, a vast network of tour operators have been developed in the region, allowing the daily transportation of people to the cave!

The experitour.com is associated with the overwhelming majority of these operators and offers the possibility of choosing the most adapted tour to you.

For an experienced swimmer, although it is a real adventure, it is possible to go by your own means from the beach of Benagil to the cave. We do not advise you because it is tiring and can cause accidents.

Alternatively, you can take a boat trip with a family or a group of friends from several places:

– If you are in Vilamoura, we have this catamaran tour available . If you prefer, you can take the same tour and stop on the beach for a healthy typical Algarve barbecue .

– If you are in Portimão, there are several hypotheses, some more picturesque others more fun. In fact, we are been able to travel from Portimão to Benagil going into several of the caves between these two points on the Algarve coast.

Travel time also varies. It is possible to go from Portimão to the Benagil cave and return in 2 hours , using a small fiber boat with capacity for 10 people or go and return in 3 hours , doing the same route but going back outside to try to observe dolphins. In this trip of 3 hours it is also possible to take have a swim whenever sea conditions allow.

For those who like fantasy and want to enjoy the ride and get some sun, we have an authentic pirate ship that fills the imagination of adults and children.

– There is also the possibility of embarking in Ferragudo, a picturesque fishing village.

Fishermen village of Ferragudo

From here, you can go by boat or even kayak .

By kayak it is also possible to have a picnic on a secluded beach , which is an extra to take into account even more because it is a trip accompanied by a biologist who explains about the marine fauna that is found.
Since the distance is long for the arms of the less physically trained, the return is done towing a motor boat.

It is also possible to visit the caves, including Benagil cave, even outside the summer season as long as it is with a minimal group of people.

The demand is so big that the available boats are not enough, so we suggest that reservations be made in advance. In case the sea conditions do not allow the trip on the scheduled day, or are rescheduled or the amount paid is fully refunded.

Anyway, there are visits to the Benagil cave for all tastes.

We also have partnerships with smaller boat operators leaving the beach of Carvoeiro.
This means that you can also make your reservation to visit the caves of Benagil and those that are nearby, departing from the beach of Carvoeiro. It is a good way to visit the caves because the trip is shorter due to the proximity.

From here it is also possible to go out by Kayak, in a group, accompanied by an experienced guide. We suggest that you kayak always accompanied by a guide. In addition to seeing details that would otherwise go unnoticed, you always have the experience of taking care of your safety. This is very important.

Continuing along the coast line and across the Benagil grotto, we can take a diametrically opposite route, for example from the beach of Armação de Pêra .

The exits of the beach of Armação de Pêra are made in fisher boats and the entrance is made by the beach, reason why the sea conditions will have to be optimal so that they can happen.

They are boats of small capacity (between 6 and 12 people), which makes the tour very intimate. Being a short distance, the round trip takes only about 75 minutes.

Due to the enormous number of caves that are in this route between Armação de Pêra and Armação de Pêra and Armação de Pêra and Armação de Pêra Benagil, each boat does a different ‘program’ to offer the visitor a panoply of opportunities that are determined by each operator. Sure, they all offer 1 hour and 15 minutes of stunning scenery.

Due to the size of the boats, it is possible to enter almost all the caves.

There are also private tours (family or in a group of friends), in which the client determines what he wants to see, where he wants to stop, what he wants to do. For example: photography, snorkeling, wedding requests, picnic on the beach, etc.

It is also possible to visit the grotto of Benagil and on the return stay on a beach isolated as long as you like. The boat, on one of the next trips, will proceed to pick it up at the time agreed with the captain. This is a privilege to take into consideration.

Marinha Beach

The beautiful beaches that lie between Armação de Pêra and Benagil are considered the most beautiful in the world, for example the Marinha beach, a place of special surroundings and cinematographic colors. It is worth taking some pictures in this odd scene.

Captain’s Cave

At experitour.com we value the quality of service we provide and so we surround ourselves with partners who assure us that our customers are happy to opt for us to make your reservation for a tour that may be the highlight of your visit to the Algarve. Come on in and feel why so many people from all over the world come to know the Grotto of Benagil and all the other that exist on this coast facing the warm and limpid waters of the Atlantic!


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