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Le pont 25 de Abril est un pont suspendu reliant la ville de Lisbonne, capitale du Portugal, à la municipalité d'Almada sur la rive gauche du Tage. Il a été inauguré le 6 août 1966, et une plate-forme de train a été ajoutée en 1999.

Ce que les Gens Disent

"This was great experience. Good people and great weather. You get to see places that you would be able unless by boat. A lot of fun."
"Fabulous day on the water and on the beach. Lorenzo and Sofia were awesome guides. Being picked up at our Air BNB was fantastic. The views and experience while kayaking was phenomenal!! I highly recommend this trip!! Gorgeous!"
"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the day long excursion via kayaks to the wonderful beach. Sofia and Lorenzo were excellent hosts, and very informative of the region, and Portugal in general. Fantastic time."
"Une réelle experience, une vue fabuleuse, et des moniteurs géniaux."
"A very nice and well organised trip, beautiful view and kind hosts, very relaxing while doing some physical work kayaking."
"My husband and I had a wonderful day. Being picked-up at our hotel was appreciated. Our van was spacious and the drive scenic. The market, where we picked up lunch items, was inexpensive and had all you needed (fruit, bread, cheese, drinks, etc). My husband also picked up flip-flops and sunglasses nearby as he´d forgotten his. Kayaking was great - the wind providing a little extra challenge and exercise! Our guide clearly loves kayaking and was fun to follow. The beach is rocky and water shoes are more practical then flip-flops. The stop at the castle was nice. Can´t describe the ride home cause I fell asleep as soon as headed back to Lisbon :) Bring lots of sunscreen if you burn easily. Enjoy!"

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