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The Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river. Its name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning "hot fountains" or "baths".

Ce que les Gens Disent

"This is a very well planned experience. Our guide David has been doing this for 7 years and knows both his history and how to efficiently navigate Lisbon streets. At the end of the tour, he pulled out a map and reviewed every where we went which helped put it all together."
"Bei einem Kurztripp ist diese Tour sehr zu empfehlen, da man in 8 Stunden wirklich sehr viel zu sehen bekommt."
"I and my family went to Lisbon for a short break and had booked this tour. It's one of the best things we did by doing so. The whole trip was superb and really outstanding. Our guide (and driver) Rui (I hope the spelling is right) was a young man who really loved his city of Lisbon and his country Portugal. It showed throughout the whole day of the tour. He was so passionate about the whole tour. It was really amazing. Extremely friendly and superbly knowledgeable about Portugal and Lisbon in particular. It showed that he brushed up continuously on his vast knowledge of the city. We must also congratulate him on his driving abilities, specially parking the minivan in so densely car filled city with narrow roads in the old quarters, that is Lisbon. Well done Rui and we wish him all the very best and were extremely glad that he showed us around. We will recommend this tour very highly for anybody who wants to go around Lisbon in a day, the third oldest city in the world!"
"Lisbona è una città ricca di sapori, fado e gente cordialissima, questo tour ci ha permesso di assaporare le prelibatezze culinarie ma anche le bellezze architettoniche e di panorama. La nostra guida UI è stata attenta ma anche molto preparata considerando che non si è limitato a dare una spiegazione superficiale ma bensì storica e architettonica molto dettagliata. Buonissime le Pastel de Nata di Belem si scioglievano in bocca. Mille Grazie"
"Obwohl das Wetter nicht so war Neblig war die Tour Supper...Raquel war eine sehr freundliche Führerin und konnte meine Fragen sehr ausführlich erklären. Es war ein Supper Tag...."
"Vielen Dank an die beiden netten Mädchen( Fahrer und Dolmetscher) für den wunderschönen Tag in Lissabon. Alles zur besten Zufriedenheit."

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