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Benagil est un petit village portugais sur l'océan Atlantique dans la municipalité de Lagoa et la Freguesia de Carvoeiro. Jusqu'à la fin du 20ème siècle, l'économie du village était basée sur la pêche en haute mer.
Praia de Benagil Beach a un sable avec des dimensions raisonnables. Les navires à disposition des touristes, permettent de visiter des grottes marines accessibles uniquement par voie maritime. Les grottes de Benagil sont très photogéniques. C'est sûr que c'est un très bon endroit pour prendre quelques images mémorables.

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"Great tour, beautiful and a good exercise without being too hard. Would recommand"
"A truly unbelievable experience paddling along the beautiful waters taking in the beautiful sights of the Cliffs and Caves than Benagil has to offer. This was my first time doing this activity but instructor Márcio has a brilliant relaxing teaching method and despite a few dips in the ocean I was soon up and paddling. The booking process and information needed was excellent and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone or any experience. "
"Exciting and fun tour to view caves, including benagil cave. Defenitely recommend it!"
"The trip was amazing! The crew is very friendly and funny. Easy to book. Would recommend:) "
"The tour guides were professional and conscious of safety. We felt comfortable and were able to get a fantastic ecperience. Make sure to follow up with experitour as we had details changed on us last minute, but we called the night before and were able to quickly sort things out. Overall definitely recommend the tour! Jaw dropping must-do experince of stepping inside the cave. We went in mid-November (near the end of season) and were licky enough with the weather to go ahead."
"At the beginning of the November we decided to visit the Benagil caves. The guys took us on a hell of the ride. Not only did we saw the popular Benagil caves but a lot more with funny and interesting stories connected to that area. The tour took around 2 hours and after that we were so excited and gained a lot of positive energy. I highly recommend this company and also to do this boat trip out of the top season because there are just few boats crossing the sea. "

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