Tourism In Portugal In 2021: How To Receive Travelers In The Post-Pandemic?

How to receive tourists after the pandemic in Portugal? The world has changed, and so has tourism. Is your business ready to receive tourists?

2020 was not a good year for tourism in Portugal and the world. 2021 will not be the same.

Thousands of people working to provide high-level experiences, accommodation, and experiences have seen their profession stagnate.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic in this century, no one felt safe to leave home, let alone travel.

The Portuguese government itself has prepared measures to help the economy of the tourism business, which are vital for the livelihood of thousands of families in the country.

But as vaccines for the new Coronavirus have already started to be applied in 2021 in countries around the globe, promises and hopes for a new season for Portuguese tourism are reappearing.

As praias do Algarve são as mais belas da Europa
The year 2021 brought hope for tourism lovers in Portugal

As 2020 was a year of transformation, tourism in 2021 will also not be the same.

It was to help tour operators in Portugal to provide an excellent service and guarantee the best experience for travelers and tourism workers in our beautiful country that Experitour prepared this article.

Learn how to receive tourists in the new season in 2021

Ninguém sabe muito bem como o vírus funciona, mas sabemos os efeitos do medo do desconhecido.

Faça a sua parte para garantir que trabalhadores do turismo consigam exercer a sua profissão em paz e com segurança.

Safety first

People will only travel if they feel safe and away from the virus.

As a tour operator, it is your role to ensure hygiene and safety to receive tourists.

Make gel alcohol available to customers and ensure that your workers wear a mask, as well as travelers.

If your business has the Clean & Safe seal, congratulations! You already guarantee high levels of hygiene to the public.

Pessoas continuam a viajar no pós pandemia
When traveling it is important to ensure the safety of your family and places

Keep social distance whenever possible

It is important to connect with visitors on a sightseeing tour. But there is no need to talk about people.

Remember to maintain a safe distance between each group and do not expose your customers to unnecessary danger.

Offer outdoor activities

One way to offer entertainment and a sense of trust to tourists in the midst of a post-covid society is to enjoy the outdoors.

Portugal is known worldwide for its pleasant climate. Whether in the cities or the middle of nature.

Outdoor and individual tourism tours are becoming a new favorite of the public. Bike tours, kayaking, walking tours are the most popular group activities.

Passeios ao ar livre, como de bicicleta, segway ou mesmo a pé, são os novos favoritos dos turistas
Outdoor tours, such as cycling, segway, or even walking, are the new favorites of tourists

Avoid peak times at attractions of interest

Of course, it is important to take visitors to see the famous palace, the famous farm, the most popular famous beach in the region.

But there is no point in jeopardizing anyone’s safety to take a travel selfie.

Organize your tours so that visits are before or after peak hours.

Opt for private experiences

The tourist in 2021 is looking, more than ever, for a unique experience where they feel exclusive.

Rather than taking group tours, people often prefer to spend a little more to feel safe in a private environment.

Passeios privados também são mais simples de organizar e oferecem menos risco de contaminação.
Private tours are also simpler to organize and offer less risk of contamination.

Take care of your own safety too

Although most people abide by safety recommendations, there are still some who do not care for common health.

Don’t collaborate with bad behavior. Do not accept offering your services to people who do not respect the distance and do not even wear a mask.

Your safety is the safety of your family and your community.


Tourism in Portugal will grow again if we work for it

For tourism in Portugal to become great again, it is necessary to have a group conscience to respect safety recommendations and not risk anyone’s health and life.

Come on, Portugal!

Experitour wishes all tour operators to have an excellent return to work in 2021.


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Post written by Letícia Melo.

Hi there, I'm Leticia! Living in Portugal since 2017, I'm a Brazilian writer passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures, beaches and music! Let's share our best experiences!

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