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Aveiro is a charming Portuguese town that makes for an enjoyable, alternative tourist destination. The town has an extensive history which is closely intertwined with the growth and decline of its port and saltwater lagoons.Aveiro is crossed by canals and along these waterways colourful and traditional fishing boats sail. Aveiro is an interesting destination for either a day trip or as part of a tour of central Portugal.

Top 7 Things To Do In Aveiro

1. Aveiro Lagoon

The Aveiro Lagoon is a result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of sandy shores that, from the XVI century, started to form a lagoon that forms one of the most beautiful and important geographical accidents on the Portuguese coast.

2. Moliceiros

"Moliceiros" is the name of the typical boats present on the Ria de Aveiro, the lagoon region of the Vouga river. This vessel was originally used to catch the seaweed, but nowadays it is used as an attraction among turists.

3. Praça do Peixe

The construction of the Fish Square, unique example of the iron architecture in Aveiro, appeared in one of the most typical spaces of the city, where currently you can find the majority of the amusements of the city nightlife.

4. The Jesus Monastery

The Jesus Monastery, currently the Aveiro Museum, is located on the Glória parish, Aveiro. It was a monastery of the feminine Dominican order and today it is an important museum, with a particular focus on particular art or Sacra.

5. Aveiro Cathedral

The origins of Aveiro's church goes back to the XV century. It was by the time the church of the St. Domingos convent, founded in 1423 by the infant D. Pedro.

6. Aveiro's Lighthouse

Aveiro's lighthouse or Barra's lighthouse is the biggest lighthouse of Portugal. It's on th Barra beach, at the southern margin of the Ria de Aveiro in Gafanha de Nazaré parish, Ílhavo's country.

7. Costa Nova Houses

The wooden houses of Costa Nova are the first typical houses of this Ilhavo's county beach and were built by fishermen to save their fishing material. They are all turned to the bay, making a beautiful huge palette of colors.

Top Tours & Activities in Aveiro

Aveiro And Coimbra Tour From Porto

Visit Aveiro, known as the Portuguese Venice and discover it's typical Moliceiro boats, the natural sights and the typical local tiles. Get to know the fishermen's houses and taste the sweet Ovos Moles. Continue on to the Coimbra, the "City of Knowledge," and explore its university and old town while you learn about the Portuguese history from your expert tour guide.

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Smell The Bush

The power of aromatherapy in a change of emotions.

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Transfer From Lisbon To Oporto Stopping In Óbidos, Nazaré And Aveiro.

Best Lisbon - Porto private transfer which stops in óbidos, nazaré and aveiro on the way.

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Aveiro Is More Than A Simple Destination

We have destinations for you - Saberes e Sabores - Território Mágico - And much more

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From Porto: Aveiro Private Tour With Moliceiro Cruise

Discover on this half-day private tour a truly “Portuguese Venice”, Aveiro. The enchanting city known for its dazzling canals and delicious local candies, Ovos Moles. Embark in a Moliceiro, the traditional boat which navigate the Ria de Aveiro to capture all the beauty this city has to offer you.

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Aveiro Private Tour

Heritage, breathtaking views, beaches and food in a full day experience!

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From Lisbon: Full-Day Tour To Aveiro And Coimbra

Known as the '' Portuguese Venice '', the charming city of Aveiro is crossed by several canals and is considered one of the most charming destinations in the country, thanks to its colorful "moliceiros" boats, pastel-style buildings Arte Nova and its quiet urban atmosphere. Join Coimbra, the city of doctors and get a great day of vacations.

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Buçaco Forest & Curia

Visit the center of Portugal into the woods.

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The best time to visit Portugal is spring season which starts in February to find hills bedecked in seasonal flowers and almond groves awash with pretty pink blossom. During the summer the cities gain life, with events and people from all over the world enjoying the best of the European sun. Of course, autumn is another great time to visit Portugal, especially for walkers and cyclists, as temperatures are still warm but crowds are a lot less.

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