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Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe – the beginning of its history dates back to 4,000 years BC. In the beginning the ancient settlement was situated on the natural elevation between Nebet, Taksim and Dzhambaz hills (the Three Hills). In ancient times Thracians inhabited the Three Hills and built a fortified settlement – the largest city in Thrace. In the 4th century BC Plovdiv was conquered by Phillip of Macedonia. He gave the city one of its many names – Phillipopolis, and had it surrounded by thick fortified walls. Later the Thracians regained their power over the city, but after a series of battles in the 1st century AD it became a part the Roman Empire. During the period of the Roman Empire, Plovdiv (at those times – Trimontium) was an important regional center. The city flourished with a large-scale construction of buildings, facilities and roads. Numerous well-preserved artifacts had remained from those times, such as cobble stoned streets, fortress walls, buildings, water supply and sewerage systems.

Top Tours & Activities in Plovdiv

The Ancient City Of Perperikon

A private tour to the ruins of the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon – a major archeological attraction and historical site of Bulgaria.

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Full Day Tour: Plovdiv

Full day (8 hrs) small group tour of all iconic attractions in Plovdiv

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Boutique Wine Tour At Todoroff

Enjoy wine tasting of high-quality red and white wines with the help of an expert in the boutique Todoroff wine celler. Visit the ancient Red Church.

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Combo Tour: Koprivshtitsa & Plovdiv

Discover the cities of Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa on this full-day tour from Sofia. The amusing mixture of traditions, culture, and architectural masterpieces are a must-see for every culture-hungry traveler.

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A Trip To Asen’S Fortress And Bachkovo Monastery

A guided trip to Asen's Fortress and Bachkovo monastery - the second largest monastery in Bulgaria - in a picturesque part of the Rhodope mountains.

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One Day Tour Of Plovdiv And Perushtitsa With Wine Tasting From Sofia

Your tour begins with a visit to the ancient city of Plovdiv, which exist as they inhabited, leaving unique traits of their cultures. The next stop will be Perushtitsa, a symbol of Bulgarian heroism. At the end of your tour, stop at a famous winery, where you can taste the typical Bulgarian wine.

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From Sofia: One Day Tour To Plovdiv And Bachkovo Monastery

The tour starts at your hotel, where our English-speaking driver will pick you up and guide you on a visit to the ancient city of Plovdiv, which several people inhabited leaving different traces of their cultures. The next stop will be the monastery of Bachkovo, the second largest monastery in Bulgaria.

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Horse Riding In Sitovo Village

Book online a horse riding trip during your vacation in Plovdiv. With its picturesque landscapes, the Sitovo horse-riding trail is perfect for nature lovers.

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