Nervesa della Battaglia

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Nervesa della Battaglia
The history of Nervesa is intimately linked to that of the Collalto Counts and their castle which dominated the surrounding plains located amidst the green rolling hills of Susegana.
The Municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia’s territory extends from the south to the east toward the Treviso plain. Its northern and western sides are characterized by landscape that’s typical of the Pre-alps: the area hosts myriad locust forests and oak trees. Its northeastern side is surrounded by the Piave River.
Montello has always been a popular vacation spot in the summer thanks to its cool forests; in autumn, it becomes a prime destination for mushroom lovers.

The area experienced a period of splendor during the Serenissima Republic thanks to its ample oak and durmast trees that were destined to be transformed into timber.
Nervesa della Battaglia was completely destroyed during the Great War, witnessing a bloody battle between the Italian and Austrian troops in 1918. The Military Sanctuary located on the slopes of the Montello commemorates these tragic events, hosting the remains of 9,325 soldiers fallen during the war. This monument also serves to document the war’s various phases.

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