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This beautiful city stands on the banks of the River Tua and is often referred to as the garden city. It is popularly said by the local inhabitants that "when people see Mirandela they inevitably want to stay here". The festivals held at the end of July in honour of Nossa Senhora do Amparo are typically marked by a majestic candlelit procession and a firework display that is considered to be the most spectacular in the whole of the region. Mirandela is also well known for its regional cuisine, with the most famous dish being the greatly appreciated traditional sausages - "alheiras". In the surrounding region, the typical village of Romeu is well worth a visit.

Top Tours & Activities in Mirandela

Trás-Os-Montes, Olive Oil & Wine Tour

In this tour you will visit Trás-os-Montes, a rich and mysterious region, where rusticity and beauty are everywhere. The region is mostly known for its award-winning olive oils and typical sausages, but it is also revealing wines of fascinating quality.

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