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Have you ever been to Sabugal?

Sabugal is a beautiful city of Beirã, a county seat, located in the central region of the country, in a mountainous area, bathed by the beautiful Côa River, since early stage of several conflicts and battles, surrounded by several defensive fortifications.

This is a region that denotes quite remote human occupation, showing signs of prehistoric occupation from the Neolithic period, and also the Bronze Age and Iron Age remains abundant.
The town of Sabugal itself occupies a natural spur where probably there was a castro in the Bronze Age, later occupied in the Roman period.
The Middle Ages was a troubled period for the region, which even belonged to the kingdom of Leon, being reconquered by heights of the Treaty of Alcanices. Testimony of these troubled times are the five surrounding castles, belonging to the municipality of Sabugal: Tailors, Vilar Maior, Sabugal, Vila do Touro and Sortelha.

The Sabugal is integrated in the beautiful Nature Reserve of Serra da Malcata, where several vegetal and animal species are protected, well known for one of the last shelters of the Iberian lynx.

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