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Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, the Madeira Island is the main one of a 4 volcanic islands archipelago, colonized by Portugal in 1425 and bathed by sun the entire year. The Madeira Island won again in 2017 the “Europe’s Leading Island Destination” Award, from the World Travel Awards, and is understandable. The island has that European charm and the subtropical climate with fascinating geography. Follow our list of things to do in Madeira Island and don’t waste any time, plan your trip now!

Top 10 Things To Do In Madeira Island

1. Saint Lourenço's Point

Located on the east coast, "Ponta de São Loureço" is a breathtaking peninsula which consists mainly of volcanic rocks. In this part of the island the climate is so arid, because of the volcanic soil and the strong winds, that no tree grows. It is one of the most beautiful places on Madeira Island.

The largest cliff in Europe now has its own skywalk. For those with a lot of courage, you can walk on a glass floor, on the skywalk in Cabo Girão, and enjoy the view 500 meters above the very safe and adrenalising Atlantic ocean.

These charming triangular houses are some of the most traditional buildings on Madeira Island. To this day some people live in houses like this, which caught the attention of visitors. Santana is located in the northern part of the island and is close to Funchal, the capital.

One of the best attractions of Madeira Island is the natural pools in Porto Moniz. The warm water of the sea comes and goes with the tide, and you can enjoy the sun and the view, next to the volcanic rocks in a very relaxing experience.

"Curral das Freiras" is a beautiful, secluded village nestled among mountains in the heart of Madeira Island. They say that it is called so because in the sixteenth century the nuns of the Santa Clara Convent, to escape pirates attacking Funchal, went to this place and hid for a while.

6. Botanical Garden of Madeira

Originally owned by a wealthy family, the Botanical Garden of Madeira is located in its capital, Funchal. It contains about 2500 species of exotic plants and birds. Due to its location, the garden is a great place to see Funchal, becoming one of the most sought after sights of the city.

7. Carts from Madeira Island

Madeira Island offers the first and only straw stroller that slides down the streets from Monte to Funchal. The guided tour is traditional and quite safe, since the speed is 40km / h, and used to be used in people's daily lives.

8. Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is a top place to visit in Funchal. It offers fresh fish, various exotic fruits (very exotic, as well as genetic mixtures) and tropical, as well as grains in a traditional place, which is the option to avoid expensive restaurants. The Historic Center is in the area and must be visited as well.

9. Dolphin and Whale Watching

One of the most sought after attractions on the south coast of Madeira is dolphin watching. Many catamarans are available for fun outings, where you can see dolphins and whales swimming in their natural habitat, and who knows how to take a dip in the ocean next to them under the hot sun.

Man-made waterfalls, the Levadas are water courses that the island's residents built to bring water from north to south of the island of Madeira, in tunnels and slopes, and ended up creating the highlight of local tourism. The island of Madeira has about 200 levadas, which are best seen on the trails. The known are 25 Fountains, Green Cauldron and Caldeirão do Inferno.

Top Tours & Activities in Madeira Island

Maroços – Mimosa Valley (Wednesday, Thursday)

Easy half day walk at 300m in machico our old capital along our "levada" that crosses the city from one end to the other. beautiful changing landscapes amazing (eucaluptis, mimosas, laurels.)

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Madeira Island Green Agriculture Tour With Visit To Local Farms, Tastings & Lunch Included

Starting from Funchal, this agriculture tour will take you to visit traditional farms in the Madeira Island, walk through the most beautiful natural landscapes and taste the delicious local specialties. For lunch, a complete and typical 3 course meal. A day that will exceed all expectations and show you the real Madeira.

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Whale And Dolphin Watching Boat Tour In Funchal – Madeira Island – Portugal

With a fast 500 HP boat you will have lots of fun and adrenaline! Feel the joy of observing real marine life like dolphins, whales or even turtles in their natural habitat. Second trip offered in the case you don't see animals in the first tour!

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Volcanic Caves São Vicente In The Madeira Island

Unforgettable tour filed with interesting information on the geology of madeira. bring good shoes and a jacket along.

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Big Stand Up Paddle Tour (Sup) On Madeira Island – Holds Up To 8 People

Join us in a super fun experience around the Madeira Island, with all your friends! Our Big SUP can hold up to 8 persons, all paddle together, with snorkeling in the crystal waters included. Let the BIG FUN begin!

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Soul & Essence – 4X4 Panda Tours In Madeira Island

Full Day Private Tour with Off-Road Driving Experience (Opcional) and also Food Cooking Experience! From Garajau to Santo da Serra, Espetada & Poncha!

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Madeira Island Northwest – Volcanic Lava Pools 4X4 Tour

Discover the best of the madeira island northwest and volcanic lava pools!

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Rabaçal (25 Fontes Levada Walk) + Jeep Tour In Madeira Island

Know the "25 fontes" levada walk, which is one of the most visited in madeira and cabo girão, which is the highest cliff in europe!

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