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The development of Tomar is closely linked to the Order of the Templars, which received these lands in 1159 as a reward for the assistance they gave Dom Afonso Henriques (the First King of Portugal) in the Christian reconquest of the territory. It was Dom Gualdim Pais, the first Grand Master of the Order in Portugal, who founded the castle and the remarkable Convent of Christ inside. Enlarged and altered over the centuries, this retains the influences of various architectural styles; it is the centrepiece of the city and classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Tomar, known as the city of the Templars, reveals other traces of their influence, particularly the Sete Montes Park, where traditionally rites of initiation are said to have taken place, and the Church of Santa Maria do Olival, founded by the Templars in the 12th century and containing the tombs of various Masters of the Order. The Order of the Templars was suppressed in France in the early 14th century, but in Portugal it was transformed into the Order of Christ on the initiative of King Dom Dinis. This was subsequently approved by the Pope, and it was decided that the immense wealth they possessed should pass to the Order of Christ, which came to play an important part in the historic Portuguese Discoveries.

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Private Tour To The Castles And Villages Of The Templar Knights In Portugal

On this private tour from Lisbon you will understand the importance of the knights templar in Portugal, and how they helped this country become independent, and later a world power! Visit two villages in one day (Tomar and Constância), also the Bode Dam castle, then take a short boat ride to the Almourol Castle, once a bastion of the knights templar.

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Sanctuary Of Fátima, Santarém And Tomar, Full Day Tour, Departing From Lisbon

Visit in one day the most emblematic places of the interior of the country.

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From Lisbon: Full Day Tour To The Templar Knights Historical Sites

We start this medieval journey towards the Santarém District, in the central area of Portugal. Visit Almourol Castle with a boat trip to the island, stop in Constância with traditional sweet tasting, visit to the Historic Center of Tomar and to the Church of Santa Maria do Olival, visit to Tomar Castle and Convent of Christ.

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The Templars Tour

Join us in a historic tour alongside the path of the templar knights in Portugal!

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Fátima – Batalha – Tomar (Convent Of Christ) Day Tour.

3 magic places in only a day!

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Private Tour Route Castles And Caves, Santarem, Almourol, Tomar

Discover the ancient city of Santarém.Visit the fortress Castle of the Tagus River the Castle of Almourol, implanted in the middle of the river. Get to know Tomar, the city of the Templars.

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