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Setúbal was inhabited in ancient times by the Phoenicians, and by the Romans who settled on the south bank of the River Sado (in Tróia, opposite the present town), who called it Cetobriga, from which the name Setúbal is derived. It was the Romans who started one of the region's most traditional activities - gathering salt and preserving food in salting tanks whose remains still exist on the Tróia Peninsula. The development of Setúbal has always been linked to the seafaring activities facilitated by its location at the mouth of the River Sado, and it was already one of the country's main ports in the 14th century. Its agricultural produce is also important, some of which is mentioned in documents dating back to the 14th century, in particular grapes, wine, oranges and fish. The wines produced in the surrounding area are still famous today, especially table wines and the moscatel called Setúbal, which can be tasted in the cellars in nearby Azeitão, which also produces excellent cheeses and delicious tarts.

Top Tours & Activities in Setúbal

Dolphin Watching – Sado River

Tour aboard the catamaran sailboat of 22,80 meters long to the discovery of the dolphin community of the river Sado overlooking the magnificent landscapes of the estuary, the Tróia coast and Arrábida.

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Know Arrábida, Setúbal, Azeitão And Palmela In A Vintage Car

The Arrábida guards secrets in their wonderful landscapes, history, culture, beauty and gastronomy. Come to know it!

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Daily Dolphin Watch And Stand Up Paddle Tour In Sesimbra

Explore the amazing area of the Maritime Park and visit the dolphins with us!

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Coasteering In Arrábida

Fun, incredible spots, diversity, security and a lot to know in the portuguese coast!

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Tour Setúbal – Serra Da Arrábida – Winery (Jmf) W/ Catamaran

You can choose one of this options: - Observation of Sado Dolphins-roaz - Observation of waterfowl.

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Tour Sesimbra – Arrábida – Espichel Cable – Wine Cave (Jmf)

Know the best views and taste our wine.

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From Setúbal: Arrábida Coastline Boat Tour & Sunset On Board

An amazing baoat tour along the 38 km natural and protected marine park professor Luiz Saldanha from Sesimbra to the beautiful Galapos beach. Passing by 10 magnificent beaches we’ll arrive at Cape Espichel where you can watch a wonderful sunset. Enjoy the local cheeses and wines we offer on board.

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Transfer From Lisbon Airport To Tróia (Crossing The River By Boat)

Make your arrived to Portugal or your return to home simpler and comfortable!

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