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Aveiro District is located in the central coastal region of Portugal. The capital of the district is the city of Aveiro, which also serves as the seat of Aveiro Municipality and as the see of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aveiro, created 1938.

Top Tours & Activities in Aveiro District

Full Day Tour At The River Paiva Wooden Walkways

Hiking the River Paiva walkways is a memorable experience! Along the Paiva river you’ll cross five different geosites; three river beaches and witness the immense beauty of the landscape. Nature, biology, geology, archeology, all in one single Tour!After the walk, the choice on how to spend the afternoon is yours! We offer you two very different options to choose from, the same quality on both.

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Coimbra And Aveiro

Visit the Center of Portugal, know the Coimbra the city knowned as the city of students followed by Aveiro also call as "Portugal Venice".

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Feeling Aveiro Tour

Aveiro, a city and a region to feel with us. go through its many canals, discover the lagoon and its mysterious spots!

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Aveiro Guided Tour With Moliceiro Cruise

Aveiro, known as “The Venice of Portugal”, a harmonious city crossed by four incredible canals. In this half-day tour, explore the canals of Aveiro on a traditional Moliceiro boat, behold the colorful fishermen’s houses along the Costa Nova beach and walk alongside with an expert guide that will provide you an incredible time with a huge connection to nature.

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Freita: Enchanted Mountain (Full Day Tour To Freita Mountain And Village Of Arouca)

Freita Mountain’s plateau, located at more than 1000 m altitude, is one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal. Here, you’ll observe a wide landscape, covering a substantial part of the north and center of the country. This route will guide you in a trip of almost 22 km by motor vehicle and 3.5 km by foot and along it you'll visit 09 of the 11 geosites situated in the Freita Mountain’s plateau.

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The Beasts Of The Field

Spend an afternoon with the beasts of the field, seeing as how they have a quality of life enviable.

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Trekking Through The Shale In Portugal Central Region

It's trekking time! join us while we walk through the most stunning and breathtaking places in portugal and meet the famous shale villages!

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Aveiro Private Tour With Moliceiro Cruise

Discover on this half-day private tour a truly “Portuguese Venice”, Aveiro. The enchanting city known for its dazzling canals and delicious local candies, Ovos Moles. Embark in a Moliceiro, the traditional boat which navigate the Ria de Aveiro to capture all the beauty this city has to offer you.

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