Agua Azul Waterfalls

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About Agua Azul Waterfalls

It's been called by many the most beautiful natural attraction in Mexico, the Cascades de Agua Azul in the Blue Water Biosphere of southern Chiapas, just about 30 miles from Mexico's famous archeological park at Palenque. The crystalline blue waters are colored, in simple terms, by the large amount of limestone deposits on the rocky river bed, a surreal environment in the heart of the dense green rain forest country of southern Mexico. Agua Azul is actually a series of shallow pools and waterfalls formed by rimstone dams. The limestone rich water cascades down a series of these natural dams and ends in the clear, waist-deep Shumulhá River. During the dry season, in April or May, the water is shimmering blue because of the high amount of soluted limestone. But during the rainy season there is more water and less color. Beautiful yet treacherous, the cascading rapids rush miles across jungle valleys and canyons creating a watery world of splendid beauty and one that seems just a step beyond time itself, a twilight zone whose hypnotic qualities easily capture the heart and eye of the few lucky enough to view it in all its natural glory.

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