Benagil Cave

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Have you ever been to Benagil Cave?

If you are planning to travel to the Algarve coast, you must visit the Benagil cave!

This natural wonder is breathtaking for anyone, and it will make you wonder how the Benagil cave managed to remain a secret for Algarvian fishermen for so many years.

The Benagil cave, also known by the locals as the Cathedral, is a small demonstration of the strength of the waves that regularly hit the rocky coast of southern Portugal. 

It is only accessible by water and has a lovely beach inside. In there there is also a smaller part of the cave, that locals call the Chapel.

Exploring the caves of Benagil
One of the best activities to do in the region is to explore the rock formations of the Algarve coast. Besides the Benagil cave, there are other amazing sea caves nearby. Our favorites are the Captain cave, the Love cave and the Thief cave.

To discover all of these secrets, the best choice is to join a local guide who can take you to them safely. It is very important to know the region, the weather and the waves before jumping on such adventures. 

Explore the Benagil cave with us! Check out all the experiences offered in the region and choose your favorite!

5 Things You Gotta Know About The Benagil Cave

1 - A giant cave sculpted by the sea

The Benagil cave, like many other grottos in the Algarve coast, was naturally sculpted by the waves across the years. The golden rocky cliffs of southern Portugal hold many hidden grottos and beaches.

2 - It is located near the Benagil village

In the middle of the Algarve, a 30-minute distance from Portimão in the west and Albufeira to the east, lies a charming village called Benagil. For years the local fishermen ignored the great cave.

3 - You can only get in there from the ocean

Besides being stunning, the Benagil cave is only accessible from the water. To get there you must take a boat, a kayak or a SUP board, preferentially with a guide. Swimming is not recommended.

4 - The Benagil cave has an open top, it is an Algar

The portuguese word for a sea cave with a hole on the top is Algar. Along the Algarve coast you can find lots of other Algars, but the Benagil Algar is the biggest and most impressive one.

5 - You can walk on top of the cave from land

Hiking enthusiasts will be happy to know there is a way to walk amongst nature to see the hole on the top of the cave. You can walk on the cliff next to the Benagil beach until you reach the hole. Be careful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Access by sea and to get there you can use a kayak, Stand-Up-Paddle or boat. Attention: it is not allowed to stop with the boat inside the cave, if you want to enter the cave, you must do it with kayak or SUP or similar. For your safety, it is not recommended to try to swim to the cave.

Yes, the Benagil cave is located in the southern region of Portugal, Algarve, about 2h40min drive from Lisbon. It is possible to go from Lisbon to the Algarve, visit the Benagil cave and return the same day, but it is a long journey.

The Benagil cave is one of several sea caves on the Algarve coast, located 30 minutes by car from Albufeira, next to a small village called Benagil. It was naturally excavated over the years due to the force of the waves against the rock formations of the coast.

The best time to visit the Benagil cave is in the early morning, until 9 am, to avoid the big crowds. After that the cave starts to fill up with travelers and is not as enjoyable. At the end of the day it is also empty but the sea starts to get dangerous, so consult a local guide for your safety.

Public transportation can be a challenge for travelers, and during the summer buses are rare and trains are your best options. To get to the Benagil cave by train, you must go to the train station of Estômbar. From there, the best choice is to call an Uber or Taxi to take you to the Benagil beach. This really is the cheapest option to get there.

The best way to visit the Benagil cave with children is on a boat tour. It’s safe, fun and informative, and does not require a lot of effort.

No, it is not permitted to anchor or stop any boat inside the Benagil cave. Boat tours can take you for sightseeing, but you cannot get off the boat of anchor it to have some fun inside the Benagil cave.

What People Are Saying

"The guides were very nice. They are professional and make sure you are having a safe experience. They took us into the caves which was cool. It’s easy enough for beginners and occasional kayakers. "
"Die Kayak Tour war mit das schönste was wir in unserem Urlaub an der Algarve unternommen haben! Außer unserer Gruppe war niemand anderes in den Benagil Höhlen und man hatte genug Zeit Bilder zu machen (ca. 30 Minuten). Die Guides waren sehr freundlich und waren bei Fragen auch sehr hilfreich. Wir würden diese Tour jedem weiterempfehlen!"
"My friend and I had the most amazing time on this Tour. Our guide Pedro was nothing other than fantastic, he showed us some great caves and made sure we were safe at all times. Would recommend this tour 100% and would also recommend doing it with Pedro!"
"Absolutely great. Great staff always explaining the names of the beaches and places and the stories behind those names. Staff always very helpful specially during the kayak time. Definitely recommend and one to repeat!"
"Was a beautiful experience. Crew were very helpful and patient as we were late. Highly recommend this crew and the trip. "
"The tour guide was extremely friendly and helpful, we visited some really cool caves and in general it was an amazing experience. The guys also gave great suggestion where to watch the sunset and have a nice dinner. I really recommend booking with them!"

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