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About Benagil Cave

Tucked away in the folds of southern Portugal’s rugged coastline lies one of the most beautiful natural cathedrals on the planet. Carved by the pounding waves that sweep in from the vast Atlantic Ocean, the coastal area near Benagil is home to a series of intricate caves, sea stacks and hidden beaches. Visiting the Benagil caves is a must in your holiday in the Algarve. Use our page and find the best tour that will take you there in safety and with lots of fun!

Unique Rock Formation In The World

The Benagil Sea Cave, as it’s most commonly known, is just east of the small town of Benagil on the Algarve. With its own ‘indoor’ beach, two sea-facing holes and a further circular skylight eroded through its ceiling, it’s a favourite with photographers and tours.

Reachable Only By Water

Despite being near the Benagil beach, the cave is only accessible by water. You can go by boat, kayak, Stand Up Paddle or even swim if you are fit and know the tides and currents. Taking a tour is the best option since you will know other places as well.

Surrounded By Incredible Nature

Benagil can be the most famous point, but the surroundings are as impressive has the cave itself. With sacred beaches, ocean caves and amazing cliffs, this region is really the highlight of the Algarve.

What People Are Saying

"We had a phenomenal experience with our kayak tour with Miguel leaving from vale centianes. Kayaked for about 1.5 hours and explored amazing caves and beautiful cliffs. The tour ended at Benagil (Catedral cave), which of course was phenomenal. We were able to kayak into the cave and get off to explore inside. We wore bathing suits with long sleeve shirt and were not cold nor hot - it was perfect (March 12th). Water was cold, but on a sunny day it was actually refreshing. The caves have sand, so no need for special shoes for the ride. It was a fantastic experience and a must do at the Algarve! "
"Great tour of a number of caves along the coast Clearly a very experienced captain who carefully negotiated the waters in and around the caves and rock formations. The boat is a nice size. Felt very safe. "
"We have amazing time. The best stuff even. They help us, they guide us and they are so nice people. I recommend with all my hearth to everyone. "
"The trip was amazing. Great views and was very entertaining!!"
"Despite the rough sea the guide took us into the caves and the whole tour was very enjoyable. Algarve coastline is a must see when in lagos"

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