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About Hacienda Sotuta De Peón

The estate Sotuta de Peón, was built at the end of the nineteenth century and its architecture and finishes admire the grandeur and wealth that characterized an era of economic and commercial splendor at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Sotuta de Peón, hacienda alive, is the product of a loving personal restoration project initiated by Mr. Adolfo Lubke, 12 years ago. The hacienda and its machinery, its house-museum, identify it as a historical monument in which we have combined the tourist and cultural value with a vocation and a tradition of service that distinguishes us as hosts. In the main house as well as in the rooms of the villa-hotel, behind the hull of the hacienda, we can admire the beautiful multicolored designs of the pasta floors, the masonry details and its vintage blacksmithing that capture us in a while in which the present is mixed with the past, in which history is happening before our eyes. Each tool, each piece of the shredding machine, each part of the process in which the same tasks have been performed for more than one hundred years, is a legacy of time. When you walk by Sotuta de Peón, you literally travel in time, transported in the trucks, our wooden platforms pulled by mules that transit the railroad tracks. During the tour, when the truck advances between the schools, the henequenals impose themselves with their shapes and textures in large areas that project in our eyes an evergreen sea, overflown by birds and vagrant clouds.

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