Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida

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Have you ever been to Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida?

Serra da Arrábida, located in Setúbal, is one of the main mountains in Portugal. Of incomparable immensity and beauty, there are countless ways to explore it!

Endowed with a truly impressive natural landscape, the beaches that make it up make Serra da Arrábida one of the main tourist destinations for a relaxing rest.

You can enjoy the entire coast through a viewpoint, enjoy the distant but visible Troia, have a picnic in the middle of the mountains, visit a convent - Convento da Arrábida- and even find several rare species that are sheltered in the mountains!

Watch dolphins, take a kayak tour, try diving or explore the entire mountain freely. One thing is for sure: whatever you do the setting is heavenly!

To make your visit easier, we have made a top 5 best ways to explore the Serra da Arrábida that you can see below.

Top 5 Ways To Explore The Arrábida Region

1 - Kayak

Taking a kayak tour and explore the area freely is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Arrábida. Explore its caves and enjoy the scenery!

2 - Dolphin watching boat tour

A calm and relaxing boat tour while enjoying the various dolphins that naturally coexist there. Seeing these docile animals up close is a real pleasure!

3 - Coasteering

Coasteering consists of doing various activities along a coast, such as: swimming, climbing, jumping and hiking! Undoubtedly one of the most dynamic ways to explore Arrábida!

4 - Scuba Diving

The crystal clear water of the beaches that bathe the Serra da Arrábida are the perfect place for diving. The various marine species that inhabit there help to make this a memorable experience!

5 - 4x4 Tour

Explore the Serra da Arrábida on a 4x4 tour, visit several important local spots and enjoy the fauna and flora that the mountains offer. Finish with a wine tasting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are several car parks in the area. Note that you may have to pay a parking meter. It should also be noted that there are some parking lots further away from the beach, but through which a bus passes and take you to the beach.

Yes. It is customary for companies that promote these tours to guarantee a refund of the ticket if no dolphins are seen, or offer another day to do a new tour.

Exactly in the mountains, there are no restaurants. There are some restaurants in the vicinity of the mountain, but to eat in Serra da Arrábida we suggest you try the Parque de Merendas da Comenda. Have your snack and enjoy the beauty of the natural park.

From the center of Lisbon to Serra da Arrábida it is approximately 40 kilometers. The route takes about 45 minutes and the closest route, from the center of Lisbon, is through the 25 de Abril Bridge.

The average duration of a tour to Arrábida by boat to go and see the dolphins is 3 hours. It is up to each company to decide the time of the tour, but the usual is, in fact, those 3 hours by boat.

What People Are Saying

"Nice tour and after one hour of searching, we finally found the dolphins! Very nice experience!"
"I would totally recommend this tour to everyone who loves dolphins ! Seeing dolphins there is very likely. The price is really fair and the stuff is so friendly!"
"It was really nice and when we found the dolphins families it was magic , I highly recommended;)"
"Paisagens excelentes, pessoal muito simpático e prestável."
"Exceptional fun and very well organised We visited in December and had some of the best fun this year. Leonor was extremely helpful in arranging the details and coordinating transport to and from Lisbon. The team at Verente are the nicest people and I highly recommend a visit."
"Wir wurden freundlich am Treffpunkt begrüßt und sind pünktlich losgefahren . Es wurde uns alles ausführlich auf englisch erklärt und nach kurzer Zeit haben wir die Delfine bewundern können. Danach haben wir noch eine Rundfahrt gemacht, auf der uns ebenfalls die Sehenswürdigkeiten erklärt wurden. Ein toller Trip, nur zu empfehlen !"

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