Pontal da Carrapateira

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Pontal da Carrapateira: Also known as the ‘Trail of Tides’, this walk spans a pretty headland on the Vicentine Coast with sombre escarpments and gorgeous coastal scenery. Here, the Jurassic limestone cliffs have been carved into layered shapes of white, ochre and gray containing numerous inlets, offshore stacks and jagged islands. For what it lacks in dramatic force, it makes up for in beauty and richness. A bit away from the coast, visitors will also find a rural setting composed of sheltered valleys and hillsides that sustain a varied fauna and flora.

The trail starts off near the mouth of the Ribeira da Carrapateira, a small stream where little fish grow larger before facing the huge ocean. Visitors can choose between a short walk down the coast or a much longer walk that takes then further inland. The Pontal da Carrapateira Trail offers a rich assortment of coastal scenery: to the north, it is bounded by the huge beach and the pristine dunes of Praia da Bordeira, and to the south it is limited by the striking Praia do Amado (meaning ‘Beach of the Loved One’), which is a popular surfing spot. Contrasting with the seascape, the countryside is typified by rounded schist hills mottled with dense thickets of brush.

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