Forbes Magazine: The Algarve Coast Is The Best Post-Pandemic Travel Destination

Forbes magazine has made a top 3 best travel destinations for after the pandemic, and guess what destination in #1? The Algarve coast does it again. How not to love Portugal?

Forbes magazine has made a top 3 best travel destinations for after the pandemic, and Portugal is the first place on the list. The North American magazine mentions that we are still living in uncertain times, but that the pandemic is temporary, so they decided to recommend where to go when all this ends to recover your energies. This piece of news is not surprising because we know how amazing the Algarve is, and how Portugal was an exemplary country in responding to the pandemic!

Photo by Ioana Mohanu on Unsplash
The beauty of your post-pandemic destiny: the Algarve coast. Orange sand beaches, cliffs that kiss the Atlantic ocean.

To justify the choice, the magazine mentions several points common to the whole country, such as: security, where they explain that Portugal is classified as the 3rd safest country in the world, good infrastructures, where investments in highways and airports are mentioned, the health system that is based on a free health care system and, finally, the low cost of living!

However, as it is written in the title, it was the Algarve coast that was classified by the magazine as the best destination. Why? Because in addition to the points already mentioned and which are common to the whole country, the Algarve still has some peculiarities. In the Algarve, as the magazine writes, it is sunny all year round and there are no months with bad weather, complementing afterwards that the Algarve coast has wonderful beaches that are distinguished by the European Blue Flag Association as beaches with excellent water quality and very good environmental standards.

The transparent water of the Algarve whose quality is recognized worldwide
The transparent water of the Algarve whose quality is recognized worldwide

Throughout the Algarve coast you will also find several golf courses, a sport widely practiced in the area because it combines the ideal atmospheric conditions for your practice, and you don’t have to worry about learning Portuguese, as in the Algarve everyone knows how to communicate in English.

Finally, it is mentioned that with a modest budget you can enjoy a very good life in the Algarve, and there is also a paragraph to mention that the eating habits in Portugal are highly healthy, and that the Portuguese are the biggest fish eaters per capita in Europe.

There are several websites that recommend Portugal as a top destination for the first post-pandemic trip, and it actually is a country that brings together all the conditions for a pleasant stay at a time when everything starts to return to normal, even if it is at its own pace! It should also be mentioned that the Portuguese Government itself has already started to encourage tourism in Portugal, since the pandemic propagation was stopped quickly and effectively in the country!

Post written by Fábio Coelho.

I was born in 1998 and I'm from Portalegre, but I live in Albufeira. I am currently finishing my degree in Communication Sciences, at the University of Algarve. I am passionate about journalism, radio and everything that involves communication.

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