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L'une des activités les plus populaires pendant les vacances à Carvoeiro est de participer à l'une des excursions en bateau, car elles se faufilent dans les grottes, les arches et les grandes houles de la côte spectaculaire de Carvoeiro. Les bateaux d'excursion qui partent de Carvoeiro ont tendance à être beaucoup plus petits et peuvent donc naviguer à travers les falaises très altérées, notamment les remarquables Grutas de Benagil. Les excursions en bateau durent 1 à 2 heures et peuvent être combinées avec des visites d'observation des dauphins et, en fonction de la durée de la visite ou de la nouveauté du bateau.

Ce que les Gens Disent

"Bruno and Carlos were very good skippers. We saw a lot of caves and made many pictures of them. "
"This boat tour was one of the highlights in my entire life! The coastline of the Algarve is so beautiful. I didnt expect to see dolphins but we saw them directly in front of our boat. It was very peaceful which was the most important thing for me. I think the dolphins flirted with us and did tricks;) I cried with joy afterwards and save this memory as a very special one :) This tour is a must when you travel to the Algarve "
"The boat and kayak tour was such an amazing experience. The crew was excellent, explained to everyone how to ride a kayak, and were always concerned with the participants. In addition to taking us to see countless caves, they also told stories about them. I I highly recommend this tour and I will definitely go back for more."
"The kayak tour of the caves was an amazing experience. The guide, Octavian, was very friendly and took the time for us, we ended up doing 30 minutes more than expected. Kayaking along the coast and in the caves was a fun experience. We will certainly do this tour again when we come back in Algarve! Thank you !! Le tour en kayak des grottes était une expérience incroyable. Le guide, Octavian, était très sympa et a pris tout son temps pour nous faire visiter les grottes, le tour a même duré 30 min de plus que prévu. C'était très amusant de faire du kayak le long de la côte et d'aller dans des grottes en kayak. On refera certainement le tour avec le même guide lorsque nous reviendrons en Algarve ! Merci !!"
"The boottrip to the caves on the Portugal coast has been a wonderfull experience. Our guide had a lot of knowledge, which he really liked to share. In every cave he told a nice story where it was used for. The captain of the boat showed great skill in handling it. My wife and i had a great time! I can recommand Algarve Discovery if one wants to know nice details of the Algarve coast."
"This was a very good en fun tour. Thankyou!"

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