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This is one of the most beautiful squares in all Europe, opening southwards onto the huge Tagus estuary.
Until the era of mass aviation, this was Lisbon´s great reception hall for visitors arriving by sea even better able to enjoy its beauty from their vantage points on slowly docking vessels.
It was at the dock here that the Kings and Heads of State would disembark when visiting Portugal.

Ce que les Gens Disent

"Do atendimento ao tour, nos divertimos muito ! Carro de fácil manuseio, estacionamento e tecnologia. O texto do GPS é uma diversão à parte. Adoramos !"
"The hosts were very welcoming and happy to teach us about Lisbon and its waterway and the city. We had a great time and would definitely do another sail with this crew. Very Enjoyable!"
"What a nice way to end your day in Lisbon! It was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. Beautiful views of Lisbon city from the river. The time was perfect as we avoided the very high temperatures of the day. The crew was very polite and make us feel as being their guests. They gave us usefull information about the monuments but also gave us the necessary privacy space. Thanks a lot!"
"Everything was excellent!!! The welcoming/finding them was easy The staff was superb! We had an amazing time! I totally recommend it!"
"These little cars are SO fun! I’m really glad I did this instead of one of those tour buses. The staff here are great and I can’t think of a better way to tour the city."
"Bei guten Bedingungen zählt die Sonnenuntergangstour am Tejo zählt sicher zu den Hōhepunkten eines Lissabonaufenthalts. Nun, die Bedingungen bei unserem Besuch waren zwar gut, aber für Kinder, die etwas rauere See nicht vertragen, dann doch etwas hart. Die Crew der Palmayacht waren nicht nur historisch kompetent und ungemein gastfreundlich, sie haben sich auch um die Kinder gekümmert, als sie ob des Seegangs schon eher verzweifelt waren. Durch Ablenkung am Steuer und gro8e Aufmerksamkeit wurde auch für die Kleinen die Tour zu einem Erlebnis."

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