Excursion en bateau vers les grottes de Benagil

Benagil grottes en bateau est une expérience unique. Les formations rocheuses sont uniques et cachent certains des plus grands secrets de l'Algarve.

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We went for a boat tour along the Algarve coast between Portimão and Benagil caves on the touristic boat Manguito .
It is truly cinematic all the view that one has of the coast from the sea.

I even venture to say that we are facing one of the most beautiful landscapes of cliffs on the Portuguese coast.
Both the coves and the sumptuousness of the cliffs are breathtaking and as if that were not enough, the amount of caves that can be found in this very short space of coast, guarantee moments of true enthusiasm.
We noticed that during the whole trip the participants of the tour did not stop to photograph and to film what their eyes could not retain.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone with the ability to shoot and shoot and this was very noticeable in the behavior of all present.
Every time Captain Miguel Vale approached a cliff or entered with a boat in a grotto the agitation inside the boat increased because no one wanted to leave without guaranteeing a good image of the place.

On the subject of the captain, I must say that his dexterity at the controls of the Cuff is clearly the result of much experience, but also has a lot of art to navigate. In each cave we entered, the proximity of the walls of the cave was almost nil. In many cases we could have played with them!
Miguel’s expertise ensures that a 15-meter craft, made of wood, with seating capacity for 30 people, allows for a totally amazing 3-hour journey.

In our opinion, no one returns to the land to regret having spent 30 € (in the background are only 10 € per hour). This value is well spent because we all retain images that we will hardly forget.
Miguel Vale has on board three colorful and agitated macaws that do not stop interacting with all the passengers. Now he was making strident sounds now, but his sharp, but gentle claws in the arms of those who disposed of it.

The Cuff is actually an entertainment hub where almost everything was thought . The safety of the boat combined with the captain’s skill, combined with the unexpected interaction with the macaws, a free fresh drink, breathtaking scenery and the possibility of taking a dip in the warm and transparent waters in which we sail, complete the necessary menu for three hours Relax, pleasure and dazzle.

Being able to go by boat in the magnificent caves called the Cathedral of Love and Benagil is a very worthwhile experience. Adding to it all the other smaller caves or the view on the walls of the Algar Seco or even the view of the village of Carvoeiro from the sea, constitutes the necessary requirements for a good program for the family.

On the way back to Portimão, the boat departs from the coast in an attempt to see dolphins, which is not always possible because the sayings are wild and walk in areas that can not be imposed by touristic imperatives. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that the program is part of this possibility.

We highly recommend this tour.

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