Île Terceira
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"I'm not an adrenaline junky and I'm actually quite risk averse but this was a freaking blast. Such a fun way to see the island! Darcio took us on the east side route, where we went up to the dark forest and through the primordial cloud forest. Then we came down the north east side of Pico Alto and got a little (okay a lot) muddy on the farm roads. Splashes and puddles and jumps all available if you decide to go fast. Finished up the tour at Quinto de Azores for some gelato. Darcio is fun, knowledgeable about the cloud forest and the ecology of the island and he knows when to stop and take photos!"
"Darcio foi super, obrigado pelo maravilhoso dia e fantástica tour, Darcio grande conhecedor da ilha da sua história e dos fenómenos da natureza. Deu grandes dicas para o resto das férias..."

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Lagoa das Sete Cidades
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Angra Do Heroísmo Underwater Archaeological Park
Fortaleza de São João Baptista
Cabras Islets Azores

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