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This region has been inhabited since Roman times, as evidenced by the ruins of the Vila Cardílio, with its precious polychrome mosaics. The most prestigious monument in Torres Novas is its castle with eleven turrets, the former residence of the alcaide (commander of a fortress or castle). The town, traversed by the River Almonda, enveloped in a charming garden with esplanades, has many attractions to offer the visitor, such as the churches of São Salvador, Santa Maria do Castelo, São Tiago (St James), São Pedro (St Peter), the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Vale (Our Lady of the Valley) and the Carlos Reis Municipal Museum. In the surrounding area, it is worth visiting the Museu Agrícola de Riachos, where various aspects of rural life are portrayed, the Gruta (Cave) do Almonda - considered the largest natural cave in the country - and the Grutas (caves) das Lapas, with their curious labyrinthine formations. Around seven kilometres from the city, the Pául do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, a protected area where the landscape is dominated by willow trees and reeds, is of great ornithological significance, since it is the place where various birds choose to nest, of which the most important are colonies of storks. The town festivals in July and the dried fruit fair in October are the most important events in the region, as well as the gastronomic Festival of the Goat in March.

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Connaître La Vie Des Escargots

Visite d'une ferme d'escargots, de chercher à savoir comment ils sont faits, l'expérience de la rattraper, et à la fin, laissez-vous tenter par une dégustation.

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La Récolte De Champignons

Visite d'une exploration de champignons, de savoir que si vous produisez, vous recueillir, et à la fin, laissez-vous tenter par une dégustation.

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