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"We had a wonderful experience out at lake Wanaka for our Tiki Tours. Mainly because we had Chris, who is extremely knowledgeable and friendly as our guide! He told us about the difference between a U-shaped and V-shaped valley, several histories about the lake, the different islands, how certain rock formation are created and also about the wildlife on this small island we visited right after our brownie break (and yea it is super tasty!). We did the tour during Winter and we were just wearing fleece. Of course with the spray skirt and jackets provided by Paddle Wanaka. My partner and I loved the whole experience, especially when we are away from the crowded area. It was really peaceful and quiet while we paddle and learnt about the various topics Chris spoke about. We could have paddled all afternoon if time permits. And that is why, we are going to go back and rent a kayak again within the next few days before we leave Wanaka. We will definitely recommend going on a tour with Paddle Wanaka!"
"We did the half day tiki tour. The online booking process was straightforward, the meeting point is easy to find. While it was a cool and cloudy morning, the splashjackets and hand covers kept us dry and warm, and the lake was beautiful. Abby, our guide, was fantastic. A highlight of our trip."
"This tour is lots of fun and a great way to see more of this amazing place. Our guide Tyler was very knowledgeable both about kayaking and the local area and made the experience very enjoyable. Highly recommended."

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