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Sanur is known for being a quaint little seaside town in Bali that offers visitors a quieter slice of the island. Far away from hubs like Kuta or Seminyak, many families flock here for the serene atmosphere and the child friendly beaches. There is no surf here, so if you are chasing waves then you would be better off heading elsewhere, but if you want a relaxing beach holiday in Bali then Sanur is hard to beat.

Top Tours & Activities in Sanur

From Sanur: Full-Day Tour To The Beaches Of Nusa Penida Island

The uniqueness of the island of Nusa Penida is because there are many hills and cliffs, so this island is a unique and different tourist destination, especially for those of you who like adventure.

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Sanur Foodie Cycling Tour

Balinese cuisine is synonymous with food of the Gods. The people – who are predominantly Hindu – hold up high the importance of both religion and traditions, which portrays in the preparation of each meal. Beautifully crafted, Balinese feast represents a combination of creative culinary arts and food culture.

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