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The Azores Archipelago is a group of Portuguese islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Recognized for their sustainable tourism practices at sea and in the coastal areas, the Azores is also one of the most beautiful whale watching destinations in Europe. The archipelago is formed by 9 islands, Corvo, Flores, Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa, Terceira and Santa Maria. Each island is more beautiful than the other. In the Archipelago of the Azores you find all kinds of activity, from golf, geotourism and bird watching, to surfing, paragliding and canyoning. Come and discover the enchanting nature of the Azores.

What People Are Saying

"A fantastic experience, with knowledgeable biologist and experienced skipper. We were out in the ocean for just a few moments before the radio sounded and a mother and calf blue whale were just swimmy by, having a feed. Highly recommended!"
"Wonderful and breathtaking beauty!! We were very lucky to have Deen 2 whales and many dolphins. Top!"
"Even if we do not see any whales (that's nature ;-), but only a lot of Dolphins and birds, the trip was well organized, the location not crowded and the personal gave interesting information"
"From the day I made my booking I received great personal support and the process of booking was made very easy. On the day we had a great experience. Common Dolphins at play and feeding and two turtles was a good outcome but as the weather took a turn for the worse we made back to the shore at pace. Better than any roller coaster but the organisers had ensured we had been provided with good waterproofs to keep our bodies at least dry. Then we had the fantastic experience of the humpback breaching over and over again. Everyone onboard concluded that it was well worth the trip and at the end the Skipper showed us all how well he knew his boat. I fully recommend this trip to anyone prepared to expect the unexpected. "
"Even with a rough sea, skipper Nuno and guide Vanessa were amazing. Explaining everything perfectly, making great efforts for the trip to be amazing and it culminated with an amazing Humpback Whale jumping into the air!"

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