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Borba is an ancient settlement whose foundation some authors attribute to the Gallo-Celts. It was under the Roman, Gothic and Arab rule, being conquered by D. Afonso II in 1217 and populated by the same king. On June 15, 1302, D. Dinis granted him the first charter, constituting Borba as a municipality and freeing himself from that of Estremoz. He had a new charter given by D. Manuel I on June 1, 1512. It was also D. Dinis who promoted the carved gable of the village. The castle was arranged in quadrilateral plan and its construction obeyed to current systems of the similar fortifications of the region. Of thick masonry, it had a thick girdle at a normal height, crowned by Gothic merlons and wide gables that ran the wall. The moat, shallow, disappeared with the construction of the house that developed on the outside. By the beginning of the century. In the eighteenth century, the military government of the province decided to involve the village by an entrenched field, with ditches, staking and covered roads, a work that was only outlined and that there were still vestiges in 1766. Of the castle, built or refurbished of the XIII, the keep of the keep is kept and two doors, the one of Estremoz and the one of the Barn.

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