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The islands have long been known as an oasis of peace for travellers giving them an overwhelming experience of relaxation and spiritual and physical rest. Each island still has its „wild“ side as a true evidence of the constant activities of unstoppable forces of nature - the sea and the wind. Dugi otok is a true example of a place where these two opposites are most evident. Picturesque villages and secluded beaches collide with majestic cliffs and lush vegetation.

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Dugi Otok Self Guided Bike Tour (2 Days)

Dugi otok is part of Zadar archipelago and probably the longest of the north Dalmatian islands. This is the place of great natural contrasts; vertical cliffs that goes down deep into the sea on one side of the island and beautiful sandy beaches on the other side. The most popular of them is beach Saharun, 800m of beautiful white sand.

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