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Lisbon: Tours & Experiences

Have you ever been to Lisbon?

The eternal Lisbon, capital of Portugal, is currently the favorite travel destination to Europe. The beautiful city has never been so fashionable, and with total reason. The streets of Lisbon are intertwined in old and new, Moorish and Portuguese, as the sea and the river embellish the landscape.

It is the cosmopolitan capital of the moment with the dynamics of a large and safe European city, full of rich Portuguese culture, unique architecture in the world, electric streetcars through narrow streets, cool parks, good street art, renowned museums, restaurants and shops of class and a very pleasant climate. The city is drawn between hills, and there are several viewpoints in Lisbon with some of the most beautiful views in the world. Lisbon is the city of the moment, and you should not lose it for nothing.

On the outskirts of Greater Lisbon there are even incredible destinations such as the romantic Sintra and its castles or the bright city of Cascais with its casinos and beaches. Not to mention the unparalleled Portuguese cuisine and traditional dishes with Cod and seafood, by Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, the best Portuguese wines and the various sweets such as the Pastel de Belém.

Best Things To Do in Lisbon

1 - Sao Jorge's Castle

The Castle of São Jorge, located high on a hill in Lisbon, combines elements of medieval and Muslim architecture. The Castle was built around the eleventh century by the Arabs and conquered by the Portuguese in the thirteenth century, who used it as a residence of royalty and military center. The Portuguese National Monument is the most visited attraction in Portugal and must-see in Lisbon.

2 - Belém Tower

From 1519, the Tower of Belém lost its military function of defense lookout in the river Tagus, but its traditional architecture Manuelist remained. The terrace of the Torre de Belém is one of the best belvederes of the river Tagus, and inside the tower there is a museum about its use in the era of the discoveries of Portugal. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a must-see for all tourists in the capital!

3 - Arch of Augusta Street

Opened in 1875, the triumphal arch of Lisbon's most famous street has since 2013 its viewpoint. Referring to the discoveries of the imperialist era of Portugal, it is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments of the city. It is possible to go up to your viewpoint and see all the Commerce Square, Augusta Street and Baixa de Lisboa, the Tagus River, the Cathedral and the Castle of São Jorge. For being so central and charming, well worth visiting.

4 - Palace of Queluz

The stunning Queluz Palace, located a few miles from Greater Lisbon, is one of the booms of Portuguese architecture, designed to be a royal residence in the 18th century. Its harmonious gardens, statues, fountains and details in every room are examples of baroque, rococo and neoclassicism of the time. Who does not visit it when in Lisbon will certainly regret seeing the photos of this amazing place.

5 - Jerónimos Monastery

Also known as the Monastery of Santa Maria de Belém, the Jeronimos Monastery is, since the 16th century, a landmark in Lisbon. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Manueline architecture, which survived the great earthquakes and fires to the present day. From inside the church it is possible to appreciate the stained glass, the work of the architect João de Castilho.

6 - Baixa & Chiado

The vibrant city of Lisbon is located in its Baixa, more precisely in Chiado, the highest concentration of culture and nightlife. Those who walk in these streets are charmed by the charm of the city, the traditional bars, cafes and restaurants that represent the essence of the Portuguese people. This is where many of Lisbon's best memories are.

7 - Tagus River

Historically one of the most important rivers in Europe, the Tagus river is vital to the glorious landscape of the great Lisbon. From the plane you can admire its beauty, which, when joining the sea, transforms the daily life of the local population and fills poetry for centuries. One of the best ways to see Lisbon is by boat on the Tagus River.

8 - Park Eduardo VII

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Parque Eduardo VII has one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city, much sought after by tourists and also enjoyed by the locals. Its gardens and squares provide a very pleasant environment for day trips, and as Lisbon has good weather during most of the year, it is to be enjoyed.

9 - Monument to the Discoveries

The Monument to the Discoveries celebrates the achievements of Portugal from its independence to the era of the discoveries, in a beautiful sculpture on the banks of the River Tagus. It is one of the most visited attractions in Lisbon, located next to the Belém Tower and overlooking the 25 de Abril Bridge. It is a must see for all history lovers.

10 - Lisbon Cathedral

Planned since 1150, shortly after the conquest of Lisbon by the Portuguese, the Cathedral of Lisbon came as a reaffirmation of the Christian faith over the Moors. The church resisted sparingly the three earthquakes that struck Lisbon, but today it is one of the most visited churches in Portugal. The organs of the cathedral are the highlights of this beautiful building.

What People Are Saying

"Experiencia maravilhosa, a minha esposa adorou. "
"El capitán Nuno y Sofía hicieron todo lo posible porque consiguiésemos ver los delfines. Hicimos una ruta por el mar y otra por el río hasta que los vimos. Máximo esfuerzo. Súper amables. Disfrutamos mucho. Muy recomendable."
"Sehr schöne Tour und baden im Lavapool im Januar hat was. Netter Tourguide mit viel Geduld und interessanten Informationen."
"C'était magnifique. Le conducteur très aimable, il nous a tous montré, tous expliqué, avec le sens d'humeur. Les paysages magestueux. C'était la recommandation de ma fille, qui a déjà été dans cette zone. Le servie aux clients très agréable. Donne des solutionstoute suite. Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et courage avec la situation actuelle. "
"Bruno and Carlos were very good skippers. We saw a lot of caves and made many pictures of them. "
"This boat tour was one of the highlights in my entire life! The coastline of the Algarve is so beautiful. I didnt expect to see dolphins but we saw them directly in front of our boat. It was very peaceful which was the most important thing for me. I think the dolphins flirted with us and did tricks;) I cried with joy afterwards and save this memory as a very special one :) This tour is a must when you travel to the Algarve "

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