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The mountains, sea and bright sunshine create a majestic atmosphere that can be admired from several magical spots: from the castle, the cliffs, Cavalo Fort or from the Quinta de Palames. These viewpoints look over a small fishing village, which still remains virtually untouched, surrounded by imposing cliffs and bordered by the deep blue ocean. The Moorish castle overlooks the orange-tiled roofs that make up its skyline. This village’s heritage dates back to Pre-historic times and has been ruled by Romans, Visigoths and Moors. It offers tourists stunning natural beauty and a rich historical legacy, with great beaches, sea-side restaurants and various water-sports for relaxing days during your holiday in Portugal.

Top 3 Things To Do In Sesimbra

1. Dolphin Watching On The River Sado

The estuary of Sado is known for the natural habitat of the dolphins (Roazes), especially the resident population, who feed, rest and socialize, over time have enchanted observers and tormented some fishermen. They can be observed along the coast of Arrábida, especially in the colder months. This activity is carried out between Sesimbra and the Sado river, it also provides the observation of several coastal animals such as dolphin-roaz, common dolphin and even dwarf whale. The exits are realized with specialized guide on board that also presents a didactic component on the marine environment and the biodiversity included in it, as well as on the geology and points of local archaeological importance.

2. Coastal canoeing

Canoeing is a type of sport that intends to bring its practitioners closer to nature. In parallel, it will bring enormous benefits to the cardiopulmonary system, since it is a modality that requires some physical effort in its practice, implying the maintenance of healthy habits of life in various fields. We suggest a diverse range of places to practice: Ponds, rivers and seas, with passage through caves and deserted beaches, full of transparent waters inviting dives.

3. Visit to Cape Espichel

Top Tours & Activities in Sesimbra

From Lisbon: Full Day Arrábida Sea Kayak Tour

By kayaking in Arrábida you will be surprised with the astonishing and dramatic landscape. We will explore caves and narrow passages, have a pic-nic in a lost beach yet not missing the Sesimbra’s castle and the Sesimbra’s fish market.

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From Lisbon: Full Day Yacht Private Tour In Arrábida

Discover the scenic beauty of Arrábida Natural Park on an 8-hour tour from Lisbon. Travel on a beautiful 12 meters Yacht through the coastal wetlands of Sado river and swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Keep a look out for friendly dolphins, try kayak, SUP and snorkel on the most fun day of your trip!

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3-Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour In Sesimbra With Snorkelling

With free pick-up in your hotel, this tour will show you resident dolphins in the Sado river. Also includes tasting of traditional drink and stop for swimming and snorkelling.

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Cross Go-Kart Rides In Serra Da Arrábida

Visit the parque natural da arrábida on a fun and different way stopping in places with historical and cultural interest, wine tasting and delicacies!

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Private 4X4 Tour In Cape Espichel And Hell’s Beach

Experience to be driven in a classic jeep cabrio 4x4 to the second westernmost point of continental Europe. This Safari let you feel the harmonious spirit and the beauty of Espichel Cape, a place with a very strong landscape character. The highlight of this tour are the footprints of dinosaurs located on a ledge of the Jurassic cliffs and the remote Hell beach located near to the cape.

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Reef Fishing – Sesimbra

We offer sport fishing activities that will make your fishing day a remarkable experience. We perform different types of boat fishing, depending on the time of year, focusing on fishing for bream - November, December and January, fishing for deep sea species and to fishing for Corvinas XXL - May and June in Lisbon. We conducted throughout the year, fishing trips by boat at Cape Espichel, Sesimbra

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Christ The King, Arrábida Wine Tasting Tour

Cross the 25th April Bridge with us and see Lisbon from the other side! Ascend at the top of Christ the King and enjoy an amazing view over Lisbon’s south part.This is the beggining of a journey of Flavors…

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From Lisbon: Full Day Private Guided Tour To Arrábida

Nature lovers, this tour is for you! Just 50Km from Lisbon you can find this protected area of incomparable beauty as well as historic monuments and vast vineyards.

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