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Known for its Moscatel wine, the village of Favaios offers you some surprises! Located in the municipality of Alijó, it is part of the vineyard Douro that is a heritage of humanity. Implanted in one of the most beautiful plateaus of the region, come to this village, stop, listen, look and get ready for a journey of the senses! It is that besides the stunning landscape, archaeological marks, emblazoned houses and religious monuments, Favaios offers gastronomy to make your mouth water! Going through the vast heritage to explore on a visit to Favaios, we begin with the walls of "Castelo dos Mouros", we continue with a visit to the Church of São Domingos, with the highest bell tower of the county, the Chapel of Santa Barbara, Chapel of St. Paio of the sixteenth century, Chapel of St. Anthony and, finally, to the Quinta de São Jorge, where is a Roman funerary stele. From other times you can visit equipment such as Manueline Fountain, Castro do Vilarelho and three Marcos Pombalinos. In the center of the village stand out two magnificent buildings: the Manor of the Sepulvedas and the House of the Távoras, old noble houses. Do not be surprised if you see other opulent houses during the tour.

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Douro Valley: Grape Harvest Tour With Grape Stomping And Wine Tasting

Experience one of the most beautiful stages of the wine production: the harvest! You'll cut the grapes, stomp them with your own feet and taste the final product.

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Douro Olive Harvest Tour With Olive Picking + Wine Tasting

Experience the harvest of the fruit with which the olive oil is produced; the famous liquid gold. Pick the olives in a traditional method and try the delicious nectar.

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