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Martinborough is a small traditional village located in the North Island of New Zealand and is filled with colonial charm. Since Martinborough was predominately family-owned vineyards, it has plenty options of quality wine, about 20 great vineyards.Explore the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail in this wine village and taste the local food in the great restaurants around. Most of the town can be discovered on foot and by bicycle, so usually cycling tours are the favorite choice. The annual Martinborough fair focuses on top quality New Zealand-made craft and clothing, great food and music, happening in the beginning of February and again in the beginning of March. Check out the tours here in experitour.com and choose the best for you! You can also find other attractions and locations in New Zealand below, and if you are a wine taster take a look at our endless wine tasting tours all over the world.

Top Tours & Activities in Martinborough

From Wellington: Martinborough Wine Tasting Tour

Join us on a private trip from Wellington and visit Martinborough, a once sleepy colonial town that’s now a prominent wine village at the heart of the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. You will taste local wine, have a delicious traditional lunch and enjoy fantastic views from the countryside.

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English and Maori
New Zealand Dolar (NZD)
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December (for summer) and June (for winter)