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Ukraine is a large Eastern European country known for its Orthodox churches, the Black Sea coast and the forested mountains. Its capital, Kiev, houses the Cathedral of Saint Sophia with its golden dome, 11th century mosaics and frescoes.

Top Tours & Activities in Ukraine

4 Days Coffee Tasting Tour – Rome, Budapest, Vienna, Lviv

Coffee has always been a significant part of people's lives. It is a chance to start a day and gather your thoughts. It is a fuel for the creative process and this beverage surely makes our life better! Spend a few days enjoying the variety of different kinds of coffee in the best coffee capitals of Europe.

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5 Day Cheese And Wine Tour In Lviv

We want to invite you on a 5-day tour to the West of Ukraine! On this trip, you will be able to explore the most-visited Ukrainian city Lviv. Take a stroll down the cobbled streets, try the traditional delicious food and visit local Brewery where you’ll get a chance to see how beer is brewed and, of course, taste it.

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1 Day Chernobyl + Kiev

An exclusion zone was created after the nuclear disaster on Chornobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986 and since that time it remains unsettled by people. While visiting the zone you'll see how nature revenge abandoned cities, villages, military and industrial objects. While being there humans can see how fragile is everything artificial in our world and how strong nature is.

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3 Days Express, Kiev, Lviv, And Odessa

Have you ever been to Ukraine? No? Then we want to invite you on this exclusive short trip in order to explore main Ukrainian cities which are Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa.

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