What to Take in Your European Summer Travel Suitcase?

Are you going to travel in Europe during the summer? Find out what to pack in your suitcase to enjoy a carefree vacation!

Are you going to travel to Europe during the summer? Find out what to pack in your suitcase to enjoy a carefree vacation!


European summer is a magical time! High temperatures, paradisiacal landscapes, and charming old cities.

It is no wonder that the high season on the old continent runs from June to September.

Croatia is one of the most loved summer destinations in Europe
The best time of the year to travel to Europe is the summertime, where Croatia is one of the top destinations

During the summer months in Europe, regions that are sometimes filled with snow become an oasis of tourism, offering the best of entertainment.

But the time has come for the journey. What to pack?

Find out what are the essential items in your European summer suitcase


☑️ Sunblock

The temperatures at the height of the European summer exceed 40º Celsius. Sunscreen is a must in your travel bag.

Remember to protect your skin well if you want to avoid health problems in the future. Apart from that, have you ever thought about the hassle of buying sunscreen in the middle of your vacation?

☑️ Swimsuit

Whether you want to take advantage of the hotel’s swimming pool or the crystal clear sea, don’t forget to take your bathing suit for a swim.

Inflatable toys are also an extra that will add a special touch to your trip, especially if you are traveling with children.

Remember to pack your swimming suit for the summer trip
Summer in Europe is the swimming suit season

☑️ Hat

Whether it’s an afternoon on the beach, a boat trip, or a walking tour, a hat can save lives during the summer!

Never underestimate a hat’s ability to protect its head and sanity. That is, take at least one hat for your summer vacation in Europe.

☑️ Beach towel

Make no mistake, a beach towel is sorely needed here. Unlike beaches in Brazil, in Europe, it is not customary to sit in a beach bar like those in Brazil. (There are bars on the beaches, but not in the same way).

Remember to take your towel to enjoy your spot in the sun – literally.

☑️Personal hygiene and health kit

Remember, when traveling it is very important to take care of hygiene and respect the local rules to combat COVID-19.

Always take your masks and gel alcohol in a small container with you. It’s the least we can do to help fantastic travel destinations stay safe.

Remember to wear a mask to protect those around you
Respect the local measures to help stop COVID-19 while traveling

☑️ Slippers

The favorite footwear of the heating season is a real sensation, and the best, they hardly take up any space in the suitcase!

Don’t forget to bring comfortable and fresh shoes, especially open shoes, in your bag.

☑️ Light clothes

No, you don’t need to bring jeans for summer in Europe. For this time of year, use and abuse clothes made of light and flowing fabrics for your comfort.

In certain places temperatures can drop at night, but nothing that a long-sleeved shirt won’t do.

☑️ Photographic camera

Last but not least, you can not forget to take your camera to capture the best moments of your trip!

The Algarve is the top summer destination in Europe
The Algarve is the top summer destination in Europe
Remember, the world outside is still amazing.
Travel when it is safe and always respect the safety measures advised by the health agencies of your travel destination.

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Have a great time on your trip!


Post written by Letícia Melo.

Hi there, I'm Leticia! Living in Portugal since 2017, I'm a Brazilian writer passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures, beaches and music! Let's share our best experiences!

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