Caldeira Velha


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The Caldeira Velha, in Ribeira Grande, on the Island of S. Miguel, is a Natural and Regional Monument, part of the Biosphere Reserve.
Besides its natural wealth - and very exotic - and diversity of vegetation and fauna, the Caldeira Velha is also very visited by those who want to bathe in the warm and thermal waters, with medicinal characteristics.

The water comes from hot springs of thermal origin, forming cascades, and channels with brown tone due to the abundance of iron. In boilers, which are boiling, the sign forbidden to showering is posted, but there are people who really like being near the bubbling water!

One of the most sought after places is the kind of pool where you can be in a jacuzzi. And by the way, you can see from the photographs ... it's a paradisiacal and very romantic scene.

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