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About Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá ist ein Komplex von Maya-Ruinen auf der mexikanischen Halbinsel Yucatán. Eine massive Stufenpyramide, bekannt als El Castillo oder Tempel von Kukulcan, dominiert die antike Stadt, die von etwa 600 bis 1200 n. Chr. Gedieh. Grafische Steinschnitzereien überleben an Strukturen wie dem Ballspielplatz, dem Tempel der Krieger und der Schädelwand. Nächtliche Sound-and-Light-Shows beleuchten die anspruchsvolle Geometrie der Gebäude.

What People Are Saying

"Chichen Itza is a fabulous sight, amazing set of constructions. We marvelled how such a thing could be built back in the 7th/8th centuries with no machinery. Quite unique to anything that I have previously seen. Our guide explained the meaning behind the various sculptures, which was interesting."
"really a wonder! amazing how it was built with such accuracy of engineering and astrology. A must see if you're in Mexico. The guide was very good."
"With it being a wonder of the world this was definitely on the bucket list and did not disappoint. It’s in good condition and also interesting to see the nearby ruins also. It’s less crowded than I thought it was going to be. It can get very hot so bring an umbrella with you as there’s not much shade. Be aware of local merchants who are ready to overcharge their goods"

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