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Praia do Vale de Centianes Beach has a sand strip of reasonable extension. Here the cliffs surround all the beach. The sea waters are calm and crystal. At west there's a cave accessible by walk and further east a quiet area appears to be the perfect place for those seeking peace and privacy. The sea bottom is rich in biodiversity, therefore, attracts many diving fans.

What People Are Saying

"Kayaking to Benagil was great. We are a couple with two kids (9 and 5 years). The start was delayed by about 20 minutes but other then that it was perfect. Kayaks are very stable and easy to steer. Being able to walk inside the cave felt hundred times better then looking at the cave from a boat. Wife got tired on the way back and got towed at some point by the boat - thanks for that :)"
"This was such a great experience! The staff were kind, attentive and did everything to make sure our trip was safe and fun! "
"This was an incredible adventure and we had so much fun!"
"We had a large group and we were on a limited schedule. They graciously accommodated us. They were very attentive to make sure we were all safe. A beautiful adventure!!"
"This was the highlight of our week long adventure on the Algarve coast. There were 14 of us plus our guide and support boat so we felt safe and looked after the entire time. My family had three young teenagers on the tour and they had a ball. The round trip was about 3 hours and we had plenty of time to explore other caves along the way as well as take photos and swim in the Benagil Caves. It was also our first time kayaking but we got the hang of it quickly with the guide’s instructions and it was hard work but that’s part of the adventure. Would definitely do it again!"

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